Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

A flock of loudly screeching rainbow lorikeets descends from the skies, and the kids laugh and squeal as the mass of coloured birds eagerly pecks food from their outstretched hands. This is quite a contrast to the peaceful time you have just enjoyed with a huggable, sleepy koala. Lone Pine offers a multitude of opportunities to interact with animals. Apart from koalas and lorikeets, you can hold owls, eagles, snakes and baby freshwater crocodiles, cuddle baby chickens and guinea pigs, and hand-feed kangaroos, wallabies and emus.

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Jesmond Rd, Fig Tree Pocket; (07) 3378 1366

Open daily including Christmas Day; closed Anzac Day morning

Don't Miss

■ The opportunity to cuddle a koala. You can do this any time during the day for free, but if you want photos (even with your own camera) there is an extra cost.

■ Feeding the catfish in the Brisbane River (October–March). Purchase fish food at the sanctuary then head for the jetty at 11am, when crowds of catfish turn up, mouths gaping for food.
■ The eastern water dragons (a type of large lizard) that wander freely around the grounds.
■ The entertaining and informative sheepdog show, held three times daily.
■ The birds of prey show, twice daily, where you get very close to these spectacular creatures.

Fabulous Facts

Koalas are among the most famous of Australian animals and are known for their habit of sitting in eucalypt trees where they do nothing but eat and sleep. Despite their widespread notoriety, koalas are only found in small areas on Australia’s eastern coast, and are very particular about the type of eucalypt leaves they eat. These leaves also provide their drinking needs, but do not supply much energy, which is why koalas sleep most of the day.

Insider Tips

■ Kangaroo food is available for purchase (low cost).

■ An interesting way to reach the sanctuary is along the Brisbane River on a Mirimar Wildlife Cruise (high cost), which departs from the centre of town. You pass good examples of the old ‘Queenslander’ style timber houses and Indooroopilly Island with its fruit bat colony squabbling and flapping in the trees. See www.mirimar.com for more information.
■ If you want to cuddle a koala, do this early in the day to avoid the queues.
■ Some animal encounters are only at particular times, so check the daily schedule.

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