Indigenous tours - Cooktown to Cape York

Guurrbi Tours offers an award-winning tour with Willie Gordon, Nugal-warra elder, Guugu Yimithirr speaker and author, on which you will visit a series of sacred rock-art sites that you otherwise cannot see. There are self-drive and full-tour options from Cooktown, and Willie is bound to blow you away with his passion and knowledge about his culture and spirituality. You will learn the stories and lore behind the art.

Maaramaka Walkabout near Hopevale includes information on Indigenous culture, history, bushfoods, medicine and the story of the giant Marramaka (fig) tree. You can drive out to the tour or be picked up from Cooktown.

Learn about the area’s Indigenous, European and Chinese cultural heritage at the Quinkan and Regional Cultural Centre at Laura. (The area to the south-east of town is known as Quinkan country after the Aboriginal spirits depicted at the rock-art sites there.) You can also book for a two- or three-hour Aboriginalled tour of the extensive art at Mushroom Rock and Giant Horse. Tours can be tag-along or transport may be provided. The three renowned art galleries at Split Rock can be viewed without a guide, and a 4WD is not necessary in the dry season.

A range of rock-art tours is on offer at Jowalbinna Rock Art Safari Camp, including the giant wallaroo and emu dreaming. Most people who come stay at the campground or in the simple cabins, which have low-powered fluorescent lights run on rechargeable batteries.

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