Rainforestation Nature Park

The Army Duck rattles and bumps over the uneven ground of the ancient rainforest. Suddenly a river appears between the arching fronds of tall tree ferns. The kids clutch the metal sides of the truck, their eyes wide. Is the Army Duck really going to drive into the water? It rumbles forward. Will it float?Yes! It glides over the murky water like a boat, the engines turning the propellers. The guide points out a snapping turtle sunning itself on a log, then you chug into a narrow creek where overhanging branches crowd over your heads.

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Kennedy Hwy, Kuranda; (07) 4085 5008



Don't Miss

■ The traditional Aboriginal dances performed three times daily against the rainforest backdrop.

■ The Dreamtime walks where you watch spear throwing, learn how to throw a boomerang, and discover other secrets of Aboriginal culture.
■ The Koala and Wildlife Park where you can hand-feed free-roaming kangaroos, and meet many other Australian favourites. There are talks throughout the day, and opportunities to hold koalas and baby crocodiles (extra cost).
■ The Tropical Fruit Orchard, where you can see over 40 different types of exotic tropical fruit growing, including jackfruit, paw paw, lychees, mango, cocoa and star apple. You can taste them at the Tropical Treats Juice Bar.

Fabulous Facts

The Army Ducks at Rainforestation Nature Park are old army vehicles. They were built during World War II to help ferry men and cargo between warships and beaches. The designers took normal General Motors trucks, substituted waterproof hulls for standard bodywork, and added propellers and rudders for operating in the water.

Insider Tips

■ During the Army Duck Tour, your guide provides information about the animals and plants around you.

■ The Army Duck Tour departs hourly on the hour, and commentary sheets are available in many languages.
■ There are several attractions at Rainforestation. You can purchase tickets for these separately, or buy a package.

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