Sanctuary Retreat, Mission Beach

This eclectic resort was set up to fund the protection of 20 hectares of some of the best cassowary rainforest habitat left in the world, and cassowaries are seen there almost every day. About 95 per cent of the property has been placed under a registered conservation covenant so no one can clear the land in the future. It has two quite different types of accommodation – inexpensive adult cubbyhouses with shared amenities and use of a communal kitchen, and seven excellent secluded cabins, with ensuites and showers with full-glass views of the outside vine jungle. There is a very good restaurant, with an emphasis on local seafood, fruit and vegetables, and a communal area with candlelight and cushions, beads and bare feet. All wastewater is treated to a potable standard and reused on site.

Contact Information

(07) 4088 6064

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