Poruma Island Resort

There is no other resort quite like this in Queensland, probably in the world. That is because here you are living in a small, vibrant Indigenous village where people go about their everyday life with a friendly wave of the hand, willing to chat if you wish, or organise a fishing trip, maybe catch you a painted lobster for dinner. Family is everything and many of the houses in the one neat main street have highly decorated and treasured graves in the front yard. Full-board visitor accommodation is in two architect-designed bungalows, each with a sunken plunge bath at their centre. This makes them not terribly suitable for very young children but the community loves kids and the children who live here have an idyllic life, fishing, jumping from the jetty, joining family celebrations and singing in full voice in church.

Contact information

Coconut (Poruma) Island; (07) 4090 0170


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