Lakefield National Park

If you are keen to see crocodiles, this could be the park for you, particularly around Kalpowar Crossing on the Normanby River, where there is a 4-kilometre bushwalk. Dominated by tropical savannah sprinkled liberally with termite mounds, this national park, the second largest in Queensland, has grassy eucalypt and paperbark woodlands that turn into vast wetlands during the wet season. About 8 kilometres north of the ranger station are two special billabongs: Red Lily Lagoon, dominated by red lotus lilies; and White Lily Lagoon where only white lilies are found. There are plenty of great campsites, but you will need to be completely self-sufficient. Kalpowar Crossing has toilets and showers.

Contact Info

Park ranger: (07) 4060 3271 or (07) 4060 3260

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