Telegraph Track camping areas – Bramwell Junction to Eliot Falls (bush camping)

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These small clearings are along the Telegraph Track, leading in a northerly direction towards the Jardine River from Bramwell Junction. Narrow and winding, there are 14 river crossings to negotiate before reaching the Jardine River ferry. Towing off-road trailers is possible to Eliot Falls, but not recommended beyond this point.

Palm Creek 3.4 km north of Bramwell Junction GPS S:12 03.878 E:142 33.119

Ducie Creek 2.6 km north of Palm Creek GPS S:12 02.670 E:142 33.126

North Alice Creek 12.5 km north of Ducie Creek GPS S:11 56.342 E:142 31.546

Dulhunty River 11.2 km north of North Alice Creek GPS S:11 49.816 E:142 26.772

Dulhunty River 11.9 km north of North Alice Creek GPS S:11 50.280 E:142 30.106

Bertie Creek 1.4 km north of Dulhunty River GPS S:11 49.738 E:142 29.982

Gunshot Creek 14.1 km north of Bertie Creek GPS S:11 43.260 E:142 28.588

Cockatoo Creek 9.5 km north of Gunshot Creek GPS S:11 39.046 E:142 27.468

Contact information

Who to contact: Bramwell Junction (07) 4060 3230 or Injinoo Community Council (07) 4069 3252 or Heathlands Ranger Station; (07) 4060 3241

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