The Barracks camping area (bush camping)

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A clearing suitable for bush camping is located opposite the old forestry barracks (now a ranger station), 4 km south of the Tableland Rd entrance. It can be reached with 2WD only in dry weather. There is a maximum of 10 campers permitted at the site; no facilities are provided. Bring water, firewood and preferably a gas/fuel stove. While in the area, visit the lookout for excellent views over the Boyne Valley.


How to book: NPRSR 13 7468 Permits: camping permit required

This campsite is located in Kroombit Tops National Park

Home to many rare and threatened plants and animals, Kroombit Tops National Park offers excellent bushwalks, a 4WD circuit, a lookout over the Boyne Valley, and day-use areas. The park is 85 km south-west of Gladstone, at the meeting point of the Dawes, Calliope and Milton ranges. Note: falling trees and branches pose a danger in this park, so avoid camping under dead or dying trees, and during periods of high winds. Advance bookings are required for camping.

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