Bush camping areas (walk-in camping)

Camping fee Fire prohibited No dogs/pets No rubbish disposal Non-vehicle camping Hiking trails

Bush camping is permitted at Mt Walsh for self-sufficient campers; no facilities are provided. It is recommended that walkers bring along a topographic map and compass. Campers are required to meet with the park ranger at QPWS Maryborough to discuss their itinerary before embarking; there are no self-registration facilities at Mt Walsh.


Who to contact: NPRSR 13 7468 www.nprsr.qld.gov.au  Permits: camping permit required Camping fees: fees can be paid and permits acquired at QPWS Maryborough (07) 4121 1800

This campsite is located in Mount Walsh National Park

Known for its exposed granite cliffs, the craggy landscape of Mt Walsh National Park offers excellent hiking for bushwalkers. It takes just 2.5 hrs to reach the summit of Mt Walsh, but the ascent should only be attempted by experienced walkers. Reach the park via the Biggenden–Maryborough Rd, 2 km east of Biggenden.

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