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Theodore, once called Castle Creek, was the site of Queensland's first irrigation project, opened in 1924. With its rich black soils, the town is surrounded by pastoral and grazing properties, with sheep, cattle, sorghum, wheat and cotton. Located on the Dawson River, irrigation has resulted in palm-lined streets and a tropical air. The town was named after Edward (Red Ted) Theodore, union leader then Queensland premier from 1919 to 1925.

Visitor Information

The Boulevard; (07) 4993 1900.

Nearby national parks

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    Isla Gorge National Park, in Queensland’s Central Highlands, lies at the southern end of the Dawson Range and features rugged...more

  • Cania Gorge National Park

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  • Biloela

    This thriving town in the fertile Callide Valley is part of the Banana Shire, but do not expect to find any bananas grown here. The area was...more

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In Town

Theodore Hotel: only cooperative hotel in Qld; The Boulevard.

Dawson Folk Museum: provides local history; open by appt; Second Ave; (07) 4993 1686.


Isla Gorge National Park This highland park has gorges and spectacular rock formations. The camping area overlooks the gorge and a 2 km return walk leads to the Isla Gorge Lookout. If staying overnight, watch the changing colours of the sandstone cliffs as the sun sets. (07) 4627 3358; turn-off 35 km S.

Theodore Weir: popular spot for fishing; southern outskirts of town.

Moura: major cattle town that holds the annual Coal and Country Festival in Aug; 48 km NW.

Cracow: where gold was produced from famous Golden Plateau mine 1932–76; 49 km SE.

Fishing spots near town

Dawson River 41 km

Moura is a two-hour drive west of Gladstone. Better known for its prime cattle production and huge coalmines, the township and the nearby Dawson River is not exactly number one on most people’s list  of top... Find out more

Lake Callide 86 km

Built on upper Callide Creek, a Dawson River tributary 20 km east of Biloela (pronounced bilo-wela), this lake supplies cooling waters for the nearby coal-burning power station that’s part of the Boyne Island... Find out more

Wuruma Dam 95 km

Situated 35 km north of Eidsvold, this 18 sq km little-known water contains Australian bass, barramundi, saratoga, silver perch, yellowbelly and sleepy cod. A Stocked Impoundment Permit is required. There is a large... Find out more

Cania Dam 98 km

Located close to Monto, Cania Dam holds yellowbelly, silver perch and Australian bass to 3 kg. Cania’s big drawcard though is the saratoga. Initially stocked with only 200 individuals, the saratoga have bred to a... Find out more

Campsites around town

Isla Gorge camping area 28 km

If you’re seeking a campsite with a view, you’ll love watching the sun set over the orange-coloured cliffs of Isla Gorge at this camping area. There are undefined walking tracks for experienced walkers. Bring... Find out more

Glebe Weir camping area 57 km

A hugely popular spot for fishing and waterskiing, Glebe Weir is a 54 km drive from Taroom. To get to the campground, take the Leichhardt Hwy 28 km north of Taroom, turn right onto Glebe Weir Rd and travel for a further... Find out more

Chain Lagoons camping area 68 km

This free campsite with no facilities is 15 km north-east of Taroom, reached via the Old Theodore Rd from the Leichhardt Hwy. Taroom, on the Dawson River, is 120 km north of Miles on the Warrego Hwy and 153 km south of... Find out more

Lake Murphy camping area 73 km

This large camping area has plenty of space for motorhomes and large groups looking for a shady spot near the lake, which is a seasonal refuge for waterbirds. You’ll need to bring firewood and drinking water.... Find out more

Dawson River Bungalows and Tourist Park 82 km

This caravan park has undergone dramatic changes recently. No longer council-operated, it now offers 20 powered sites, plenty of space for tent camping, and modern bungalows. The park also features a laundry and a... Find out more

Neville Hewitt Weir camping area 89 km

Hugely popular in the winter months, this beautiful riverside campground in the town of Baralaba is a favourite with campers from southern Australian states looking to escape the cold weather in a picturesque spot.... Find out more

Sandy Creek Bridge camping area 92 km

This very basic campsite with no facilities is 8 km south-west of Taroom. Access is via the Roma Rd. Taroom, on the Dawson River, is 120 km north of Miles on the Warrego Hwy and 153 km south of Banana on the Dawson Hwy.... Find out more

BIG4 Cania Gorge 95 km

The friendly and welcoming folks at this tourist park offer a high standard of accommodation and facilities for the whole family. Campers have the option of powered and unpowered sites, or you can upgrade to a cabin or... Find out more

Cania Gorge Tourist Retreat 96 km

In a sandstone gorge at the entrance to the Cania Gorge National Park, this excellent eco-friendly tourist park packed with top-notch facilities has 40 powered sites, 20 unpowered sites and a modern amenities... Find out more

Wuruma Dam camping area 97 km

Well stocked with perch, bass and saratoga, Wuruma Dam is an angler’s paradise. The dam is also popular for a range of watersports: canoeing, sailing, swimming and waterskiing. The area is 48 km north-west of... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Theodore camping area 1 km

At Theodore

Located 2km off the highway on the banks of the Dawson River at the southern end of the main street through town.

Isla Gorge camping area 29 km

T/O 59km N of Taroom (L) or 36km S of Theodore (R)

Small campground in Isla Gorge National Park. Located 1km west of the highway in scrub at a lookout.

Glebe Weir camping area 57 km

T/O 27km N of Taroom (R) or 67km S of Theodore (L)

On the banks of the Dawson River 26km east of the highway.

Chain Lagoons rest area 70 km

T/O 15km N of Taroom (R) or 80km S of Theodore (L)

Secluded area located 1.5km north of the highway at the lagoon.

Lawgi rest area 73 km

66km NW of Monto (L) or 29km SE of Biloela (R)

Just off the highway and next to a community hall.

Coominglah Range rest area 93 km

19km NW of Monto (L) or 76km SE of Biloela (R)

Secluded area well off the highway and surrounded by scrub.

Waruma Dam camping area 96 km

T/O 19km N of Eidsvold (L) or 55km S of Monto (R)

On the shores of the dam 17km (partly unsealed) west of the highway.

What's on around town

Fishing Competition: Mar.

Show: May.

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