Seventy-Five Mile Beach - Fraser Island

Seventy-Five Mile Beach stretches in an almost ruler-straight line up the east coast of Fraser Island, doubling as a highway for four-wheel drives. To keep you entertained along the way, there is great surfing; peerless fishing for silver bream, mulloway, golden trevally and tailor; and plenty of interesting landforms. About halfway up is Rainbow Gorge, where a walking trail from the beach leads through native pines to the coloured sands of the gorge. Further along, from Happy Valley to the end of the beach at Indian Head, are sheer cliffs called The Cathedrals, rising to 15 metres and comprising layers of more multicoloured sand. After Happy Valley, the bulking wreck of the Maheno appears on the horizon. In 1935, this old passenger liner was being towed to Japan as scrap metal when a cyclone hit and washed it up against Fraser Island. It now sits rusting in the shallows. Campsites, low-key resorts (including one at Happy Valley) and diversions to Fraser Island’s equally spectacular interior, part of Great Sandy National Park, appear at intervals along the beach.

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