Poverty Point camping area

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This simple campground overlooking Tin Can Bay is 13 km south of Rainbow Beach off Rainbow Beach Rd in the Cooloola section. Follow the 4WD access road a further 6 km to reach the site. Bring your own water and firewoood (for use only in the fire rings provided). There are no facilities on site.


Who to contact: QPWS Rainbow Beach (07) 5486 3160 or QPWS Tewantin (07) 5449 7792 Who to contact: Smart Service Queensland 13 1304 Website: www.qld.gov.au/camping; bookings required

This campsite is located in Great Sandy National Park

Great Sandy National Park encompasses World Heritage–listed Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world; nearby Woody Island, offering bush camping for self-sufficient visitors; and Cooloola on the mainland. This national park is 4WD only. Bookings are required in advance for all camping sites.

Fraser Island is famous for its giant dunes, some reaching 230 m in height, and its magnificent sand cliffs. Huge sand blows – dunes that continually move and regenerate – are a feature. It is also distinguished by its 40 perched dune lakes, of which Lake Boomanjin, at 200 ha, is the largest in the world. Ringed by white beaches, the water’s colour in these freshwater lakes varies, from the sparkling blue of Lake McKenzie to the reddish-brown of Lake Boomanjin, which is stained by tannins from surrounding plants. The Fraser Island Great Walk traverses a 90 km stretch and takes in many of the island’s attractions. Note: campfires are prohibited on Fraser Island, except at Dilli Village, Dundubara and Waddy Point. For these sites you need to bring your own firewood; collection of wood locally is prohibited. Many wild dingoes live on Fraser Island; they are dangerous, so read NPRSR’s dingo safety information before visiting.

Cooloola offers a scenic experience amid open forests and fringing mangroves, placid waterways and coloured sands. This section of Great Sandy National Park is on the coast north of Noosa Heads, west of Gympie and south of Rainbow Beach. It contains the Cooloola Great Walk, a 102 km long track that traverses rainforest, dry scrubby regions, waterways and coastal heath. Take time to visit Double Island Point Lighthouse while you’re here.

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