Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

‘You hold it!’ The dish of lorikeet food is thrust into your hand as a mob of colourful, screeching birds descends on you. Laughing, you try to hold the dish steady as two birds land on your hands and start to peck. You can feel a third one treading on your head. For a moment, the kids just watch, apprehensive of these noisy feathered creatures with their bright green backs and wings, blue heads and red and yellow chests. Finally, one child plucks up the courage to take the dish, and grins with delight as the birds follow.

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28 Tomewin St, Currumbin; (07) 5534 1266 or 1300 886 511

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■ The Dingo Talk, where you sometimes have the chance to pat a dingo.

■ The koala and wombat show – a rare chance to see a koala awake! For an extra cost you can hold a koala.
■ The Green Challenge high ropes adventure course (extra cost) woven through the eucalypt and rainforest treetops. Keep an eye out for koalas in the trees.
■ A Wildnight Adventure (separate ticket) if you would like to see nocturnal animals feeding, hunting and playing. You’ll even get to touch some of them. There is a maximum of 20 guests for each guided, two-and-a-half-hour night tour. A buffet dinner is included, and bookings are essential.
■ Hand-feeding the free-ranging kangaroos (food can be purchased for a small charge).

Fabulous Facts

The rainbow and scaly-breasted lorikeets you see in the sanctuary are wild birds that drop in for a feed. In fact, the whole sanctuary was started when a beekeeper and flower-grower named Alex Griffiths began feeding wild lorikeets to prevent them from eating his prized blooms, way back in 1947. This developed into a tourist attraction, and the sanctuary was born. Fewer birds come to the sanctuary during spring and summer when native trees are in full bloom, providing plenty of food.

Insider Tips

■ The lorikeet feeding takes place at the beginning and end of the day. There is a small extra cost for the bowl of lorikeet food.

■ The cafe is open from breakfast until dinner time.
■ Strollers are available for hire.
■ There is a miniature railway for getting around this large park.
■ Do not touch the Eastern Water Dragons (big, colourful lizards) that sunbake on the pavers. These are wild animals and may bite.
■ Check the timetable and plan your day so you don’t miss out on keeper talks and feeding times.
■ The Sanctuary animal hospital is the largest wildlife hospital in the Gold Coast region and accepts up to 30 sick, injured or orphaned animals every day!
■ Allow plenty of time to meet all the different animals and see the shows, which include didgeridoo and Aboriginal dance performances, snake and crocodile encounters, and a free-flight wild raptor show.

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