Warner Bros. Movie World

The huge screen counts down to the beginning of the show: ten…nine…eight …With tyres screeching and smoking, car after car revs into the arena, spinning around in an amazing display of precision driving. Your kids slide to the edge of their seats, eyes glued to this live-action stunt show. Actors bounce onto the set, adding humour and human interest as they pretend to film an action movie. The camera view is beamed up on the screen, and the kids grin and point as their own faces appear. Then all eyes return to the stunt cars as they skid across the set on two wheels!

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Pacific Motorway, Oxenford; (07) 5519 6200 or 13 3386

Don't Miss

■ The Batwing Spaceshot – for thrillseekers! This is an extreme ride where you are launched up a 60-metre-high tower at high speed, and then dropped. The minimum height for participants is 123 centimetres.

■ The family rides in the WB! Fun Zone. A favourite is the Road Runner Rollercoaster; minimum height 100 centimetres.
■ The Star Parade – littlies will be thrilled to see their favourite Loony Tunes characters.
■ Having your photo taken with Scooby Doo and the other characters wandering around (no extra cost).

Fabulous Facts

People can organise to have parties, or even weddings, at Warner Bros. Movie World. Picture a wedding photograph with a huge Bugs Bunny posing between the bride and groom, or a birthday party in Spooky Castle, with Scooby-Doo, fire jugglers and bongo drummers for entertainment. Or how about a party in a saloon from the Western movie Blazing Saddles, complete with cowboys!

Insider Tips

■ Hollywood Stunt Driver (described above) is very popular, so go to the morning performance or arrive early in the afternoon to avoid disappointment. If you have little kids, be aware that this show ends with startlingly loud explosions and clouds of fire.

■ The only real filming done here is for Channel Nine’s Kids’ WB; phone ahead or check the website to find out times.
■ If possible, visit on a weekday out of school holidays, otherwise the queues will be so long you will probably only manage three to five rides in a whole day. Crowd numbers are lower in winter than summer.
■ Check the website for scheduled maintenance closures for the rides.
■ When you arrive, you receive a park map with show times for the day.
■ There are strict height restrictions for the thrill rides.
■ You are not permitted to bring in your own food unless you have special needs (and your bags will be searched at the entrance). People who arrive by car can get around this by asking for a pass-out and going back to their cars to eat.

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