Woonoongoora camping area (walk-in camping)

Camping fee Fire prohibited No dogs/pets No rubbish disposal Non-vehicle camping Toilets Hiking trails

This campsite, on Gold Coast Council land, offers no facilities besides composting toilets. Bring your own drinking water and a gas/fuel stove, as open fires are prohibited. It is 23.6 km from Binna Burra camping area and 9 km from the Settlement camping area.


How to book: Binna Burra Mountain Lodge (07) 5533 3622, 1300 246 622 for Binna Burra camping area; NPRSR 13 7468 for Green Mountain camping area, The Settlement camping area, Woonoongoora camping area (walk-in camping) Permits: permits required for all campsites except Binna Burra camping area

This campsite is located in Gold Coast Hinterland

This 54 km hiking trail traverses 2 World Heritage–listed national parks, over the top of a dormant volcano and behind a waterfall. It is best approached from west to east, starting at Green Mountains camping area and finishing at the Settlement. Note: Binna Burra is a privately operated campsite, and bookings for it must be made separately from those made through NPRSR. Walkers are required to purchase a topographic map of the Great Walk before embarking.

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