Undara Lava Tubes – Undara Volcanic National Park

The Undara Lava Tubes constitute the longest lava tube cave system in the world and are found beneath vast savannah country, protected in Undara Volcanic National Park. The Undara Lava Tubes have a maximum width of 21.2 metres and a height of up to 10 metres. One tunnel, the Bayliss Lava Tube, is 164 kilometres long with around 90 per cent humidity. Pockets of lush green vegetation betray the presence of a tunnel, as depressions and hollows formed by a roof collapsing have created their own microclimates that can support rainforest. The only way to access the tubes is by a guided tour. Without a guide, you may set out on the 2.5 kilometre circuit around Kalkani Crater, one of several extinct volcanoes in the park.

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