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The largest national park in Queensland at 1 million hectares, Munga-Thirri National Park is a remote and unforgiving landscape, a destination for experienced outback adventurers only. Straddling the intersecting borders of three states – Augustus Poeppel in 1884 established the corner point now known as Poeppel Corner – the park is characterised by huge sand dunes up to 50 metres high, which run parallel to each other, around 1 kilometre apart, and extend for up to 200 kilometres.

This harsh landscape of clear blue skies, red dunes and grey–green spinifex supports around 180 bird species, ranging from tiny, insect- and seed-eating wrens to large birds of prey. The elusive Eyrean grasswren inhabits the spinifex and canegrass that covers the dunes. Gidgee woodlands, narrow-leafed hopbush and saltbush are also prevalent. The dingo is one of the few desert dwellers that you are likely to see, apart from lizards, geckos and dragons, and feral animals such as camels. Small rodents and bats also live here but are more difficult to spot. You can learn about the park’s special stories on a self-guiding drive along the QAA Line between the eastern park boundary and Poeppel Corner.

Visitors should travel in two-vehicle parties and stay on the QAA Line – the rest of the park is restricted access. Long distance communications equipment, such as a satellite phone or HF radio, should be carried, along with plenty of food, water, fuel and spare parts for your vehicle. Always stay with your vehicle – walking any distance is not recommended. Be prepared for temperature extremes with hot days and freezing cold nights. Visit only between April and October. Bush camping is permitted only within 500 metres of the QAA Line.

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Bush camping only within 500 m of the QAA Line; permit and fees apply

Location and access

1495 km west of Brisbane; 65 km west of Birdsville; on the Qld–NT and Qld–SA borders; 4WD access only

Park information

  • NPRSR 13 7468
  • Desert Parks Pass Bulletin 1800 816 078


1 million ha

Visitor information

Birdsville (07) 4656 3300

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Camping is permitted in the national park only within 500 m either side of the QAA Line. Munga-Thirri is extremely remote: visitors must take a 2-way radio, spare vehicle parts, fuel and a week’s worth of food and... Find out more

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