Snorkelling and diving around Seventeen Seventy

One of the best new operators on this stretch of coast is 1770 Reef Explorers, operating out of the town of Seventeen Seventy. It takes no more than 12 people at a time for boat-based snorkelling trips to parts of the reef that few visit. Guests can take part in coral research in between their snorkelling and donate to reef-protection programs. Every detail of the operation has been thought of in terms of its environmental impact, from the organic ingredients and locally grown salad items in the food, through to the fact that each trip generates no new rubbish and no anchors are used.

Diving companies are always great sources of information for possible shore dives and snorkelling, but the best diving and snorkelling in this area is out at the reef, which is one to two hours away on most boats. In Seventeen Seventy, try 1770 Undersea Adventures.

Contact Info

1770 Undersea Adventures: 1300 553 889

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