Underwater World

The kids are thrilled by the many opportunities to get up close to creatures of the sea. They stand on the travelator gazing in awe at giant rays, moray eels and sharks swimming all around as they are slowly carried through the clear tunnel of the Oceanarium. They eagerly dip their arms in the touch pool to pick up and pat the starfish and  sea cucumbers, listening wide-eyed to the keeper’s talk. Best of all, they love the big, fishy kisses they receive from the stars at the end of the seal show.

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Parkyn Pde, Mooloolaba; (07) 5458 6280

Don't Miss

■ The seal show, which is not just fun but has an environmental message.

■ The touch tank, which may have small sharks in it as well as sea stars and sea cucumbers.
■ The Honda SUV transformed into an aquarium!
■ The opportunity for a seal kiss – available at extra cost following each seal show.
■ The stingray feeds – rays nearly climb out of the pool just in front of you in their eagerness to be fed.
■ The Crawly Creatures exhibit, where you can get up close to some very large crabs and lobsters.

Fabulous Facts

One of the most popular residents of the Crawly Creatures exhibit is the giant Japanese spider crab. These crabs can grow up to nearly four metres in size from claw tip to claw tip – that’s bigger than many kids’ bedrooms. Most of this size is in the length of their long, thin, spider-like legs. However, with the male, most of its leg is actually a claw, which can open to a width of three metres!

Insider Tips

■ Allow three to four hours for your visit.

■ Arrive early for the otter show as there is not a lot of room for spectators.
■ There is a cafe in a pleasant wharf area. You can purchase boxed kids’ meals and healthy options here.
■ There are wonderful seal and otter encounters available for a high extra cost.
■ Check the website for the daily schedules of keeper talks and feeds.

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