Buderim Ginger Factory

As the ‘rowboat’ chugs around the moat, the kids giggle and point at the hilarious antics of the Gingerbread Man and all the other puppets involved in an imaginative chase around the world. When the ride comes to an end, they clamber out, eager to reach the little train that is tooting merrily in the background. The station is located in the midst of tropical gardens. You take your seats, the kids looking around with interest at the spectacular plants with spiky leaves and brightly coloured blooms, and the quaint cottages selling toys and souvenirs, then the trains toots, and you’re off.

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Contact details

50 Pioneer Rd, Yandina; (07) 5446 7100 or 1800 067 686



Don't Miss

■ Posing the kids next to one of the giant gingerbread men for a photo.

■ The ginger and cinnamon ice-cream.
■ Exploring the beautiful tropical gardens.
■ The ride through the garden and rainforest in an original century-old cane train with open sided carriages.

Fabulous Facts

The use of ginger dates back at least 5000 years. It was brewed into a tea in ancient China and India and drunk after meals to aid digestion. It is still used today as a herbal remedy and is believed to cure nausea, indigestion, fever and infection. It provides flavouring and scent for multiple products, from gingerbread men to cosmetics.

Insider Tips

■ There is free entry to the complex, including the gardens and food areas, but there are various costs for tours, shows and rides.

■ On the ‘Taste of Ginger’ tour you get a worm’s-eye view of growing ginger from an artificial underground location, then learn about the production of fresh ginger, and taste some ginger products. You also view the factory floor.
■ If you want to see the factory in action, you need to take the ‘Taste of Ginger’ tour during the week as the factory does not operate on weekends.
■ On the Superbee Live Bee Show a beekeeper removes a frame from a hive and reveals all sorts of intriguing information about bees as you watch them through a clear panel in the hive. You’re also invited to taste a range of different honeys.
■ The ginger tour and live bee show both commence on the hour every hour in the morning and on the half hour in the afternoon. Each lasts 40 minutes.
■ The ginger train ride departs every half hour and lasts 15 minutes.
■ The Overboard puppet show runs continuously and the ride lasts 15 minutes.

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