Eungella National Park

One of Queensland’s most ecologically diverse parks, Eungella (pronounced ‘Young-g’lah’) has mist-shrouded hills that hold more than 860 plant species. The creeks contain platypus, turtles, eels and endangered frogs, and more than 225 bird species inhabit the area, including the spectacular buff-breasted paradise-kingfisher and the endemic Eungella honeyeater. Tracks to suit walkers of all persuasions wind through the forests and gorges, but serious hikers should consider the 56-kilometre, three-to-five-day Mackay Highlands Great Walk, which takes in rainforests, cliffs, mountains and rural areas. Walkers who make it down the steep 2.1-kilometre track from the Finch Hatton Gorge picnic area to the Wheel of Fire cascades, can swim or paddle before walking back.

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