Wallaman Falls – Girringun National Park

At 300 metres, Wallaman Falls is the largest single-drop waterfall in Australia. Stony Creek plunges off the Seaview Range into a gorge full of rainforest with palms, umbrella trees and figs. There is a short but steep walk from the waterfall lookout to the base, where you can gaze up into the thundering misty plume. From the camping area nearby, there is another trail along Stony Creek, where you should look out for platypus, water dragons and saw-shelled turtles. An outlying section of the national park south of the falls centres on Mount Fox, a dormant volcanic crater rising to 815 metres. You can climb to its windswept rim, which is lined with rocks called bombs – chunks of magma that cooled as they were flung through the air, forming bomb-like shapes. It’s a 500-metre climb that takes about an hour, but the path is unmarked and suitable for experienced walkers only.

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