Southern Beach camping area (boat-based camping)

Camping fee Fire prohibited No dogs/pets No rubbish disposal Non-vehicle camping Ranger Canoeing Crocodile warning Fishing Swimming

Intrepid adventurers can reach this secluded spot (up to 6 campers) on the east side of Goold Island only by sea kayak – there are no ferry services and powered boats are forbidden. There are no facilities and open fires are prohibited, so bring all self-sufficient gear, including drinking water, rubbish bags and a gas/fuel stove.


How to book: NPRSR 13 7468 Permits: camping permit required

This campsite is located in Goold Island National Park

Goold Island’s close proximity to Cardwell (17 km north-east) makes it a good choice for camping. The surrounding waters are great for waterskiing and boating, but be wary, as estuarine crocodiles are present in the area. Fishing is not permitted in the freshwater creeks on the island. Access to Goold Island is by private boat or ferry service from Cardwell. Advance bookings are required for camping.

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