Hinchinbrook Island Wilderness Lodge and Resort

Revolutionary in terms of minimal-impact tourism when it was first established in 1974, this classy resort has no more than a toehold on the 393-square-kilometre Hinchinbrook Island, and you can hardly see the treetop cabins and beach bungalows for the trees. On-site sewage treatment returns water to a potable level, and the raised cabins and walkways are designed to minimise the number of trees cut down, prevent compaction of the forest floor and allow animals such as goannas to wander underneath – some of the eco-design features that have since been adopted elsewhere. There is a guest library and lounge area, an excellent restaurant, free wireless internet, and snorkelling equipment and canoes for guest use. Walking tracks head out through the thickly forested national park to isolated coral-strewn beaches. The resort is closed from mid-January to Easter.

Contact Information

(07) 4066 8270


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