Hidden Valley Cabins, Hidden Valley

Acclaimed as being Australia’s first completely solar-powered resort, with a restaurant, pool and room for 31 guests, this serious environmental resort is in secluded dry forest well off the Bruce Highway. It is powered by 90 (130-watt) solar panels, and offsets gas and fuel used, making it completely carbon neutral. Guests receive a certificate for ‘having a sustainable experience’. From the resort you can take a platypus-watching tour, in which you will also see eastern long-necked turtles, and night-spotlighting tours to see pretty-faced wallabies, allied rockwallabies, rufous bettongs and gliders if you are lucky. The rustic cabins are primarily built from recycled or salvaged timber, but are a little on the poky side.

Contact Information

(07) 4770 8088 or 1800 466 509


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