Camping - Whitsundays and Keppel Islands

If you want to camp on one of the Whitsunday Islands but do not want to kayak and do not own a boat, Camping Whitsundays and Island Camping Connections run a drop-off and pickup service, supply camping gear and food if you need it, and will help you determine the best campsite for your holiday. Top options include Naris Beach on the 109-square-kilometre Whitsunday Island, and Boat Port on the 8-square-kilometre Lindeman Island, which has masses of butterflies in summer and a walking track up the 212-metre Mount Oldfield for views over some of the other islands.

Keppel Islands National Park also has seven camping areas, the largest on North Keppel, with composting toilets and space for 75 people. You can get a water taxi to any of the camping areas.

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Island Camping Connections: (07) 4948 2201

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