Hahndorf Village

This picturesque village, settled by Prussian migrants in the 19th century, is a kids’ paradise (and fun  for adults too). Wander down the German-style main street, lined with lovely old trees, and let  yourself be tempted into every little shop. Sample the humbugs, ice-creams, wursts, cheeses,  chocolate fondues and German confectionery. Spend hours looking at marionettes and cuckoo  clocks, German costumes and carved wooden Christmas ornaments. Wander into a fairy dell and lose yourself in a fantasy world of talking frogs and flower fairies.

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Hahndorf Tourist Office, 1800 353 323

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Don't Miss

■ Misty Hollow, at 56 Main Street – a delightful miniature land, complete with tinkling stream, all  under cover. See animated fairies, frogs and other fairytale creatures in a fantasy woodland setting.  Enter through a shop filled with fantasy toys and gifts, and purchase a ticket (budget) to the world of  Misty Hollow.

■ The Fairy Garden (www.thefairygarden.com.au), at 55 Main Street, where you’ll find an enchanting  garden full of magical creatures and a wishing well. The garden is adjacent to a shop selling all sorts of  fantasy delights.
■ Hahndorf Puppet Shop (www.hahndorfpuppetshop.com.au), at 4/29 Main Street – ask Julie to  introduce you to her rat puppet.
■ An opportunity for creativity – make jewellery at Beads and Leadlight, at 44b Main Street.

Fabulous Facts

The village is named after Dirk Hahn, captain of a ship that carried a group of Prussian immigrants to  South Australia in 1838. It was a terrible, dangerous sea voyage and the passengers were so grateful  to the captain who brought them safely to land that they immortalised his name. You can see  memorials to Hahn and those pioneering families in the Pioneer Gardens in Main Street.

Insider Tips

■ Hahndorf is a good base from which to explore the Adelaide Hills. See The Manna for one suggestion, but there are lots of places within walking distance of the Main Street attractions.

■ At many of the specialty food shops you can request free tastings of cheeses, pickles, mustard or  mettwursts, an experience kids really enjoy.

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