CBD South

Himeji Gardens, South Australian Tourism Commission

The southern part of central Adelaide is home to some stellar attractions – the Adelaide Central Market is an absolute must-see, and there is superb dining on Gouger Street.

Adelaide Central Market

Located just off Victoria Square, the market fills the block between Grote and Gouger streets. A showcase for South Australia’s fresh produce, the market has evolved into a significant shopping and social centre. It’s a wonderland of fruit, vegetables, fish, breads, cheeses, meats and nuts, with rows of stalls surrounded by alleys and arcades crammed with shops and cafes. Grab lunch at Zuma’s, Malacca Corner or Lucia’s, or just wander the aisles of the market and experience its sensory delights. Open Tues-Sat.

Gouger Street

Originally a spin-off from Central Market, Gouger Street has grown into an attraction in its own right with its restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs. Gouger Street winds down earlier than East End, but has its own character and appeal

There are several Chinese restaurants on Gouger Street, but Adelaide’s Chinatown is centred on Moonta Street between Gouger and Grote streets. Among the noodle bars and Chinese shops look for T Chow, an Adelaide institution.