One of the country’s newest craft beermaking enterprises, Brewboys is a partnership between Stephen Nelsen and Simon Sellick, who also operate the contract brewing company Fresh Cellars. At present they utilise a microbrewery (called the Campus Brewery) at Adelaide’s Regency Park TAFE – a leading hospitality-training institute where Nelsen also teaches practical brewing classes. Nelsen has previously worked for the Mildura Brewery, Gunn Island Brew Bar (Melbourne) and Adelaide’s well-known Port Dock brew-pub (where Sellick also worked). Besides producing contract brews for various clients, the pair launched their own Brewboys brands in mid 2008. There’s plenty of wit and creativity behind their range, both in terms of branding and beer styles. Hoes Garden takes a gentle dig at a certain well-known Belgian beer and calls itself a ‘half wit’ style; Maiden Ale comes with the claim that: ‘no maidens were harmed in the production of this beer’; while Ace of Spades stout is as black as the proverbial playing card that doubles as the beer’s label. Maiden Ale is a positive riot of rich malt and herbaceous hop flavours and the limited edition Stellar is a pale ale spiced with star anise (hence the name).

House Style

The range covers considerable ground, from an easy-drinking wit bier to a wellbalanced medium stout, through to some parameter-pushing limited releases.

Signature Beer

Brewboys Seeing Double

Behind the Label

It’s not so often that a quirky name is matched by an authentic beer style but Seeing Double ticks both boxes big time. Tagged as a Scottish Wee Heavy beer, this potent brew shouts its heritage with the tartan-clad label and ghostly typeface that probably mirrors the effect of necking one too many of these treacly strong ales. Don’t chill it down too much and, in fact, this is one beer that tastes just as good at room temperature when the creamy mouth feel, caramel-laden palate and warming alcoholic afterglow really come

Contact Information

151 Regency Rd, Croydon Park, (08) 8346 5200

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