Coffin Bay

Population 582

A picturesque holiday town and fishing village on the shores of a beautiful estuary, Coffin Bay is popular particularly in summer, when the population quadruples. The bay offers sailing, waterskiing, swimming and fishing. The town was originally known as Oyster Town because of the abundant natural oysters in the bay, but they were dredged to extinction last century. Today the cultivated oysters are among the best in the country. The bay – in spite of what some locals will try to tell you – was named by Matthew Flinders in 1802 in honour of his friend Sir Isaac Coffin.

Visitor Information

The Esplanade; (08) 8685 4170

Nearby national parks

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  • Lincoln National Park

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In Town

Fishing: in the bay or in game fishing areas; boat hire and charters available.

Oyster Walk: 12 km walkway along foreshore and bushland from a lookout (excellent view of Coffin Bay) to Long Beach; brochure from visitor centre.

Coffin Bay Explorer: catamaran offering a 3 hr cruise on Coffin Bay, visiting oyster leases and greeting dolphins and other spectacular sea life; bookings essential 0428 880 621.


Coffin Bay National Park A mixture of rugged coastal landscapes, calm bays and waterways makes this diverse park a pleasure to wander and drive through. Conventional vehicles can access the eastern part of the park where walks through she-oak and samphire swamps reveal incredible birdlife. The beaches and lookouts provide a different perspective on this remote wilderness. 4WD vehicles and bushwalkers can access the western part, which includes Gunyah Beach, Point Sir Isaac and the Coffin Bay Peninsula. The park extends south and west of town; (08) 8688 3111.

Kellidie Bay Conservation Park: a limestone landscape popular for walking and canoeing; eastern outskirts of Coffin Bay.

Yangie Trail: the 10 km trail starts at Coffin Bay and travels south-west via Yangie Bay Lookout, which offers magnificent views to Point Avoid and Yangie Bay.

Mt Dutton Bay: features the restored heritage-listed jetty and woolshed, the latter now a shearing and farming museum; 40 km N.

Farm Beach: popular swimming spot; 50 km N.

Gallipoli Beach: location for the film Gallipoli (1981); 55 km N.

Scenic coastal drive: between Mt Hope and Sheringa; 105 km N.

Coober Pedy see inset box on next page

Fishing spots near town

Coffin Bay 21 km

When it comes to big bruisers, yellowtail kingfish are up near the top of the list. Fishing with live bait set under a balloon, you watch as the balloon starts to move across the surface of the water, a sign of nervous... Find out more

Neptune Islands 88 km

Ever wondered where the filming was done for one of those documentaries where divers film great white sharks from the safety of underwater cages? One of the most popular areas for that sort of adventure is around South... Find out more

Eco-friendly activities around town

Diving off the Eyre Peninsula 38 km

Port Lincoln Diving Services recommends a few in-shore dives around the south-east of the Eyre Peninsula, including Coles Point, with a reasonable chance of seeing crayfish and abalone, and the Tumby Bay jetty, with its... Find out more

Mangrove walk at Berryman Crescent 64 km

The most southerly mangroves in Australia can be explored at Berryman Crescent in Tumby Bay on the east coast of the Eyre Peninsula, with an excellent boardwalk with interpretive signs.... Find out more

Diving with sharks in the Neptune Islands 88 km

Although controversial in some parts of the world, cage-diving with great white sharks in the Neptune Islands – home of Australia’s largest seal colony – has a long-standing, very good reputation.... Find out more

Cafes & restaurants around town

The Oysterbeds Restaurant

This relaxed seaside cafe is in the middle of one of the most popular holiday villages on the Eyre Peninsula, with dreamy views across sheltered bays. Tuck into a plate of local oysters – either natural or... Find out more

Campsites around town

Big Yangie camping area 9 km

These scalloped shorelines and beaches offer a feeling of sanctuary but with a little more remoteness and seclusion than Yangie Bay. This is a great camping hideout for coastal rambles, fishing, swimming and canoeing,... Find out more

Yangie Bay camping area 11 km

The most accessible and sheltered campsite on the peninsula, this is a tranquil bushland setting overlooking the bay. Walking trails are nearby and the wild surf shores of Almonta Beach and Point Avoid are within easy... Find out more

Farm Beach camping area 15 km

A west-coast icon, this magical strip of sand is famed for its tractor collection, excellent fishing and  relaxed family camping in high summer. There is a 4WD boat launch from the beach. The camping area is 37 km... Find out more

Black Springs camping area 16 km

This is a well-protected headland site with a private shell beach below. Swim, fish off the rocks, take the walking trail to Black Springs Well or make the longer trek across the peninsula for views of the rugged south... Find out more

Sensation Beach camping area 26 km

Named after a tuna boat that ran aground here, this is a wonderfully isolated arc of crashing waves and dazzling sand. A popular base for beach fishing, these dune sites for self-sufficient campers are also on the... Find out more

Morgans Landing camping area 28 km

With absolute-waterfront camping towards the western end of Seven Mile Beach, this marvellous stretch of golden sand and placid water is perfect for swimming, boating and fishing. The beach is the main 4WD track heading... Find out more

The Pool camping area 32 km

Nestled in the lee of distant Point Sir Isaac, this site for self-sufficient campers has a real ‘out there’ feeling. Being the northern side of the peninsula, the bay here is a protected haven for swimming,... Find out more

Louth Bay camping area 43 km

No-frills camping for self-sufficient campers is possible on the fringe of the coastal township of Louth Bay, with views across the golf course. The rocky shoreline is not far away and there are plenty of opportunities... Find out more

Woodcutters Beach camping area 44 km

There are only 2 sites at this camping area, signposted off Lincoln National Park Access Rd, 15 km east of the park entrance. The campsites are tucked back in the trees and are very sheltered, situated above Proper... Find out more

Surfleet Cove camping area 47 km

Surfleet Cove is reached from the national park access road, 22 km north-east of the park entrance. Good for tents, camper trailers and vans.... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Coffin Bay Caravan Park

Coffin Bay township is located on a beautiful shoreline and the park, at the centre of town, is just across the road from the water. Bookings are required during Christmas and Easter holidays and a minimum-stay period... Find out more

Port Lincoln Tourist Park 39 km

This park with nicely terraced sites is just 3 km from the centre of town in a quiet waterfront location. You can watch the fishing boats steam across Boston Bay from your van window. There are huge sites for the largest... Find out more

Tumby Bay Caravan Park 64 km

This is a well-presented caravan park on a protected stretch of coast. Bookings are essential during the peak periods of December, January and Easter. Pets are allowed outside school and public holidays.... Find out more

Hotels, motels & B&Bs around town

Railway Shack 1

If you hanker after that nostalgic beach-shack experience, here’s the place. Parked right on the water’s edge, this pint-sized dwelling has a special intimacy with Coffin and Kellidie bays. There’s... Find out more

Sheoak Eastside Apartment

Perched atop lofty poles, this modern beach house reaps a harvest of water views across the bay – and beyond. The bright and breezy open kitchen/living space leads onto a commodious front deck with barbecue and... Find out more

Mt Dutton Bay Woolshed

Seafront heritage is a rare thing on the Eyre Peninsula, so this beautifully restored stone cottage is a real treasure. Presented with real rustic character, it has a farmhouse-style kitchen, bunk bedroom for four and a... Find out more

Eco-friendly places to stay around town

Shboo Shelly Beach Lodge 13 km

Completely wind- and solar-powered, with rainwater and greywater recycling, this beautiful and relatively new three-bedroom apartment at Mount Dutton Bay near Coffin Bay National Park (on the south-east coast of the Eyre... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Yangie Bay camping area 8 km

T/O at Coffin Bay

Surrounded by scrub on the foreshore 17km west of town in Coffin Bay National Park.

Dutton Bay rest area 11 km

T/O 40km NW of Port Lincoln (L) or 126km SE of Elliston (R)

On the foreshore 6km west of the highway.

Wangary rest area 12 km

45km NW of Port Lincoln (R) or 121km SE of Elliston (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Farm Beach camping area 14 km

T/O 40km NW of Port Lincoln (L) or 126km SE of Elliston (R)

Near the foreshore 10km (unsealed) west of the highway.

Boston Bay rest area 36 km

41km SW of Tumby Bay (L) or 4km NE of Port Lincoln (R)

Small picnic area adjacent to the highway and overlooking the bay.

Lake Malata rest area 41 km

74km NW of Port Lincoln (L) or 92km SE of Elliston (R)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Louth Bay camping area 43 km

At Louth Bay

On the foreshore 2km east of the highway.

Surfleet Cove Camp Area 47 km

T/O at Port Lincoln to Lincoln National Park

On the foreshore in Lincoln National Park 25 kilometres from the Park Entry.

September Beach Camp Area 49 km

T/O at Port Lincoln to Lincoln National Park

On the foreshore in Lincoln National Park 29 kilometres (part unsealed) from the Park Entry.

S34 43.967 E135 59.783

Mount Hope rest area 57 km

92km NW of Port Lincoln (R) or 74km SE of Elliston (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Cummings Lookout rest area 70 km

106km NW of Port Lincoln (L) or 60km SE of Elliston (R)

At the lookout carpark 500m off the highway. Large caravans and motorhomes must not proceed past the carpark.

Hillsea rest area 81 km

118km NW of Port Lincoln (L) or 48km SE of Elliston (R)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Lipson Cove camping area 82 km

T/O 23km SW of Port Neill (L) or 17km N of Tumby Bay (R)

On the foreshore with picturesque views over a bay. Located 8km (unsealed) east of the highway.

Cape Hardy rest area 84 km

15km SW of Port Neill (R) or 25km NE of Tumby Bay (L)

Secluded area just off the highway among a few trees.

Sheringa Beach camping area 88 km

T/O 126km NW of Port Lincoln (L) or 40km SE of Elliston (R)

On the foreshore 7km (unsealed) west of the highway.

Port Neill park area 98 km

At Port Neill

On the foreshore near the jetty.

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