Tumby Bay

Population 1348

Tumby Bay is a pretty coastal town on the east coast of Eyre Peninsula. Its development was slow – Matthew Flinders discovered the bay in 1802, settlers arrived in the 1840s and the jetty was built in 1874 to ship the grain produce, but still there was no town. It took until the early 1900s for any official settlement to be established. Now the famous long, crescent beach, white sand and blue water attract holiday-makers.

Visitor Information

Hales MiniMart, 1 Bratten Way; (08) 8688 2584


Nearby national parks

  • Lincoln National Park

    Easily accessible at the tip of the Eyre Peninsula, Lincoln National Park protects a sweeping plain of coastal mallee surrounded by bays and...more

  • Coffin Bay National Park

    This scenic coastal park covers a rugged spur of land jutting west from the tip of Eyre Peninsula into the Southern Ocean. On two sides wild...more

  • Innes National Park

    Innes National Park, at the south-western extremity of the Yorke Peninsula, comprises a coastal environment of saline lakes, salt flats,...more

Nearby towns

  • Port Lincoln

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In Town

C. L. Alexander National Trust Museum: depicts early pioneer history in an old timber schoolroom; open 10–11am Wed, 2.30–4.30pm Sun or by appt; West Tce; (08) 8688 2760.

Rotunda Art Gallery: local art display and a fantastic mural on the outside of the rotunda; open 10am–12pm Mon and Wed or by appt; Tumby Tce; (08) 8688 2678.

Excell Blacksmith and Engineering Workshop Museum: original workshop and equipment dating from the early 1900s; open 1.30–4.30pm 4th Sun each month, or by appt; Barraud St; (08) 8688 2101.

Mangrove boardwalk: 70 m walkway with interpretive signs explaining ecology of mangroves; Berryman St.

Fishing: from the recreational jetty, beach, rocks or boats (hire and charters available).


Koppio Smithy Museum The early 1900s come to life in this extensive National Trust museum in the Koppio Hills. Consisting of the restored Blacksmith's Shop (1903), historic log cottage 'Glenleigh' (1893) and schoolrooms, the museum houses an eclectic collection of Aboriginal artefacts, early pioneer furniture, firearms and early machinery. Closed Mon; 30 km SW.

Trinity Haven Scenic Drive: travels south from town along the coast and offers scenic coastal views and secluded beaches and bays.

Island Lookout Tower and Reserve: views of town, coast and islands. Enjoy a picnic in the reserve; Harvey Dr; 3 km S.

Lipson Cove: popular spot for anglers. Walk to the coastal sanctuary on Lipson Island at low tide; 10 km NE.

Ponta and Cowleys beaches: fishing catches include snapper and bream; 15 km NE.

Moody Tanks: State Heritage–listed water-storage tanks once used to service passing steam trains; 30 km W.

Cummins: rich rail heritage celebrated each Apr at the World Championship Kalamazoo Classic; 37 km NW.

Port Neill: an old port town with a safe beach for fishing and watersports. Also Ramsay Bicentennial Gardens, and vintage vehicles at Vic and Jill Fauser's Living Museum. Port Neill Lookout, nearby, provides fantastic views of the coast; 42 km NE.

Sir Joseph Banks Group Conservation Park: comprising around 20 islands and reefs, this park is a breeding area for migrating coastal birds and the Australian sea lion colony at Dangerous Reef; boat access is from Tumby Bay, Port Lincoln and 250 m north of Lipson Cove.

Fishing spots near town

Coffin Bay 74 km

When it comes to big bruisers, yellowtail kingfish are up near the top of the list. Fishing with live bait set under a balloon, you watch as the balloon starts to move across the surface of the water, a sign of nervous... Find out more

Wedge Island 91 km

Wedge Island is one of a number of small islands making up the Gambier Group, about 19 nautical miles west of the southern toe of the Yorke Peninsula. Viewed from the sea it is easy to see how the island got its name... Find out more

Neptune Islands 96 km

Ever wondered where the filming was done for one of those documentaries where divers film great white sharks from the safety of underwater cages? One of the most popular areas for that sort of adventure is around South... Find out more

Eco-friendly activities around town

Diving off the Eyre Peninsula 44 km

Port Lincoln Diving Services recommends a few in-shore dives around the south-east of the Eyre Peninsula, including Coles Point, with a reasonable chance of seeing crayfish and abalone, and the Tumby Bay jetty, with its... Find out more

Diving with sharks in the Neptune Islands 96 km

Although controversial in some parts of the world, cage-diving with great white sharks in the Neptune Islands – home of Australia’s largest seal colony – has a long-standing, very good reputation.... Find out more

Campsites around town

Lipson Cove camping area 19 km

This is an easygoing coastal hideout halfway between Tumby Bay and Port Neil, with fine ocean views and a beach that offers good swimming and fishing. There’s a walk at low tide to explore Lipson Island... Find out more

Louth Bay camping area 24 km

No-frills camping for self-sufficient campers is possible on the fringe of the coastal township of Louth Bay, with views across the golf course. The rocky shoreline is not far away and there are plenty of opportunities... Find out more

September Beach camping area 41 km

Access to this camping area is from Lincoln National Park Access Rd, 28 km north-east of the park entrance. There are toilets and there is wheelchair access to the beach.... Find out more

Engine Point camping area 42 km

Entry is via the park access road, 25 km north-east of the park entrance. There are 4 sites overlooking Boston Bay.... Find out more

Fishermans Point camping area 44 km

There is access for small boats from the beach here by 4WD, 24 km north-east of the park entrance off the park access road. Many sites on the headland have great views over the bay. There is walking access from here to... Find out more

Carcase Rock camping area 45 km

There are 2 bush campsites in this small campground, south of the September Beach camping area. It is secluded and well sheltered in the coastal tea tree, near a beautiful beach. There is a walking track from here... Find out more

Surfleet Cove camping area 45 km

Surfleet Cove is reached from the national park access road, 22 km north-east of the park entrance. Good for tents, camper trailers and vans.... Find out more

Spalding Cove camping area 48 km

Tent sites only are available on this sheltered bay. Look for the sign off Lincoln National Park Access Rd, 20 km north-east of the park entrance.... Find out more

MacLaren Point camping area 48 km

It's tent sites only at this secluded site next to a sandy beach. Access is off the Lincoln National Park Access Rd, 27 km north-east of the park entrance.... Find out more

Woodcutters Beach camping area 49 km

There are only 2 sites at this camping area, signposted off Lincoln National Park Access Rd, 15 km east of the park entrance. The campsites are tucked back in the trees and are very sheltered, situated above Proper... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Tumby Bay Caravan Park 1 km

This is a well-presented caravan park on a protected stretch of coast. Bookings are essential during the peak periods of December, January and Easter. Pets are allowed outside school and public holidays.... Find out more

Port Lincoln Tourist Park 44 km

This park with nicely terraced sites is just 3 km from the centre of town in a quiet waterfront location. You can watch the fishing boats steam across Boston Bay from your van window. There are huge sites for the largest... Find out more

Coffin Bay Caravan Park 64 km

Coffin Bay township is located on a beautiful shoreline and the park, at the centre of town, is just across the road from the water. Bookings are required during Christmas and Easter holidays and a minimum-stay period... Find out more

Arno Bay Caravan Park 67 km

Close to the water, with good facilities, this is an attractive park that would be a great holiday destination, particularly for those interested in a little fishing. Bookings are necessary for the summer and Easter... Find out more

Hotels, motels & B&Bs around town

Tumby Bay Beach House

It’s the house with the best seats in the bay, where the living-room glass doors slide back to reveal an outdoor terrace, a swathe of grass and an uninterrupted seaside vista. With three bedrooms, open-plan living... Find out more

Eco-friendly places to stay around town

Shboo Shelly Beach Lodge 65 km

Completely wind- and solar-powered, with rainwater and greywater recycling, this beautiful and relatively new three-bedroom apartment at Mount Dutton Bay near Coffin Bay National Park (on the south-east coast of the Eyre... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Lipson Cove camping area 19 km

T/O 23km SW of Port Neill (L) or 17km N of Tumby Bay (R)

On the foreshore with picturesque views over a bay. Located 8km (unsealed) east of the highway.

Cape Hardy rest area 23 km

15km SW of Port Neill (R) or 25km NE of Tumby Bay (L)

Secluded area just off the highway among a few trees.

Louth Bay camping area 24 km

At Louth Bay

On the foreshore 2km east of the highway.

Port Neill park area 36 km

At Port Neill

On the foreshore near the jetty.

September Beach Camp Area 41 km

T/O at Port Lincoln to Lincoln National Park

On the foreshore in Lincoln National Park 29 kilometres (part unsealed) from the Park Entry.

S34 43.967 E135 59.783

Boston Bay rest area 41 km

41km SW of Tumby Bay (L) or 4km NE of Port Lincoln (R)

Small picnic area adjacent to the highway and overlooking the bay.

Surfleet Cove Camp Area 45 km

T/O at Port Lincoln to Lincoln National Park

On the foreshore in Lincoln National Park 25 kilometres from the Park Entry.

Arno South rest area 50 km

18km SW of Arno Bay (L) or 17km NE of Port Neill (R)

Just off the highway behind a few bushes.

Wangary rest area 60 km

45km NW of Port Lincoln (R) or 121km SE of Elliston (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Dutton Bay rest area 64 km

T/O 40km NW of Port Lincoln (L) or 126km SE of Elliston (R)

On the foreshore 6km west of the highway.

Lake Malata rest area 64 km

74km NW of Port Lincoln (L) or 92km SE of Elliston (R)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Farm Beach camping area 65 km

T/O 40km NW of Port Lincoln (L) or 126km SE of Elliston (R)

Near the foreshore 10km (unsealed) west of the highway.

Arno Bay park area 67 km

At Arno Bay

On the foreshore at the end of the main street through town.

Yangie Bay camping area 71 km

T/O at Coffin Bay

Surrounded by scrub on the foreshore 17km west of town in Coffin Bay National Park.

Mount Hope rest area 74 km

92km NW of Port Lincoln (R) or 74km SE of Elliston (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Arno North rest area 82 km

28km SW of Cowell (R) or 16km NE of Arno Bay (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Cummings Lookout rest area 87 km

106km NW of Port Lincoln (L) or 60km SE of Elliston (R)

At the lookout carpark 500m off the highway. Large caravans and motorhomes must not proceed past the carpark.

Port Gibbon camping area 91 km

T/O 23km SW of Cowell (L) or 21km NE of Arno Bay (R)

On the foreshore 6km (unsealed) east of the highway via Port Gibbon Rd.

Hillsea rest area 93 km

118km NW of Port Lincoln (L) or 48km SE of Elliston (R)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

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