Wudinna, Ken Stepnell

Population 517

The enormous silos in Wudinna are indicative of the town's major grain industry, predominantly wheat and barley, grown here since the first pastoral lease was granted in 1861. Wudinna was proclaimed a town in 1916 and has since grown as a service centre to the Eyre Peninsula. A little travelling in the surrounding countryside will reveal unusually shaped granite outcrops – the area is known as granite country.

Visitor Information

44 Eyre Hwy; (08) 8680 2969


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In Town

Gawler Ranges Cultural Centre: dedicated to the exhibition of artwork with a ranges theme; Ballantyne St.


Gawler Ranges National Park This rugged national park offers fantastic gorge and rocky-outcrop scenery, spectacular when the spring wildflowers are in bloom. There are no marked trails, but highlights of drive tours include the Organ Pipes, a large and unique formation of volcanic rhyolite, the Kolay Mirica Falls and Yandinga Gorge. Some areas are accessible by 2WD, but 4WD is generally recommended. Roads may be impassable after rain. Guided tours into the ranges are offered by 2 operators: Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris (1800 243 343) and Nullarbor Traveller (1800 816 858). 40 km N.

Wudinna Granite Trail: signposted 25 km tourist drive to all major rock formations in the area.

Mt Polda Rock Recreation Reserve: walking trail for excellent birdwatching with views from the top of Polda Rock; 7 km NE.

Mt Wudinna Recreation Reserve: the mountain is thought to be the second largest granite outcrop in the Southern Hemisphere. At its base is a picnic area, a 30 min return interpretive walking trail, and original stone walls used as water catchments. Enjoy scenic views at the mountain's summit. On the road to the reserve look out for Turtle Rock; 10 km NE.

Ucontitchie Hill: isolated and unique granite formations, similar to Kangaroo Island's Remarkable Rocks; 32 km S.

Minnipa: home to the Agricultural Centre, which provides invaluable research into sustainable dryland farming. Nearby are granite formations of geological significance, including Yarwondutta Rock (2 km N), Tcharkuldu Rock (4 km E) and the wave-like formation of Pildappa Rock (15 km N); 37 km NW.

Koongawa: memorial to explorer John Charles Darke; 50 km E.

Campsites around town

Waganny camping area 39 km

Pleasant open woodland camping is surrounded by dome-like granite hills to explore, and views of the Blue Sturts. Signposted access is 13 km west of Paney Homestead via the Old Paney Scenic Dr, which is suitable for... Find out more

Chillunie camping area 53 km

This is secluded no-frills camping, 4WD only, in the north-east of the park. Follow the sign from the LP Track, 9.8 km north of Paney Homestead. From the turn-off it’s 3.6 km west to the camp.... Find out more

Mattera camping area 53 km

This valley, tucked away in the heart of the park, has an array of sheltered sites. Signposted access is along Mattera Track, 8.4 km north of Old Paney Scenic Dr, followed by a further 2.4 km drive west to the camping... Find out more

Yandinga camping area 56 km

For accessible camping near the western entrance to the park, take the signposted turn-off 3.1 km north of the western end of Old Paney Scenic Dr. It’s another 600 m west to the sites; the road is suitable for... Find out more

Kolay Hut camping area 56 km

Small but shaded sites in open country are found on the north-east side of the park, with the organ-pipe formation of Kolay Falls close by. The hut access is 12.1 km north of Paney Homestead via the LP Track, and it is... Find out more

Scrubby Peak camping area 59 km

The signposted turn-off to Scrubby Peak is 8.1 km north of the western end of Old Paney Scenic Dr. It’s another 900 m west to the camping area, which has a hot-water donkey shower and is suitable for off-road... Find out more

Kododo Hill camping area 62 km

Camping in the north of the park is signposted 12.8 km north along Minnipa–Yardea Rd from the western end of Old Paney Scenic Dr. The campsite with a hot-water donkey shower is 900 m north-west of this turn-off,... Find out more

Bascombe Well camping area (bush camping) 69 km

There is bush camping for self-sufficient campers 22 km south-west of Lock, with dry-weather access only via Murdinga or Warrachie off the Tod Hwy.... Find out more

Talia Caves camping area (bush camping) 69 km

Striking coastal cave formations here feature wave-hollowed limestone atop massive granite terraces. There’s also good rock-fishing nearby and surf beaches just to the south. Watch the rip if swimming. Simple bush... Find out more

Walkers Rocks camping area 80 km

A brilliant beachside location close to Elliston, Walkers Rocks offers great fishing and safe swimming, with the occasional surf break too. Assorted sites are set among the dunes, some with shade. At low tide,... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Venus Bay Caravan Park 76 km

Situated in the centre of town and right on the beachfront, the park is a popular fishing spot. On a good day it is possible to land a bag limit within a couple of hundred metres of the park. Bookings are required from... Find out more

Elliston Waterloo Bay Tourist Park 85 km

Elliston is a quiet holiday location and this is a neat and tidy park adjacent to the beach. Bookings are required in peak periods and a minimum-stay applies at Christmas and Easter.... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Polda Rock park area 7 km

T/O at Wudinna

At the base of the rock 8km (partly unsealed) north-east of Wudinna.

Mount Wudinna park area 11 km

T/O at Wudinna

In the bush at the base of Mt Wudinna. Located 13km (partly unsealed) north-east of Wudinna.

Kyancutta rest area 12 km

At Kyancutta

At Polkdinney Park behind the general store.

Goyders Line rest area 29 km

19km E of Kyancutta (L) or 69km W of Kimba (R)

Well off the highway among a few trees.

Tcharkulda Rock camping area 34 km

T/O at Minnipa

At the base of the rock 4km (partly unsealed) east of Minnipa via Bockelberg Rd.

Minnipa rest area 36 km

At Minnipa

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Koongawa rest area 39 km

30km E of Kyancutta (R) or 58km W of Kimba (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Midway rest area 53 km

44km E of Kyancutta (R) or 44km W of Kimba (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Poochera rest area 69 km

At Poochera

Well off the highway among trees on the west side of town.

Port Kenny park area 74 km

At Port Kenny

Adjacent to the highway. In the middle of town.

Walkers Rocks camping area 80 km

T/O 8km N of Elliston (L) or 54km SE of Port Kenny (R)

On the foreshore 3km (unsealed) west of the highway.

Locks Well park area 87 km

T/O 150km NW of Port Lincoln (L) or 16km SE of Elliston (R)

At the lookout 3km west of the highway. Caravans and motorhomes must not proceed past the top carpark.

Kimba rest area 90 km

At Kimba

Adjacent to the highway. In the middle of town.

Murphys Haystacks park area 91 km

T/O 24km NW of Port Kenny (L) or 38km SE of Streaky Bay (R)

At a group of unusual rock formations 2km west of the highway. On private property.

Cungena West rest area 92 km

23km E of Wirrulla (R) or 24km W of Poochera (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Sheringa Beach camping area 95 km

T/O 126km NW of Port Lincoln (L) or 40km SE of Elliston (R)

On the foreshore 7km (unsealed) west of the highway.

Hillsea rest area 97 km

118km NW of Port Lincoln (L) or 48km SE of Elliston (R)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

What's on around town

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