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This tiny settlement is built around a hotel and trading post on Cooper Creek. The first European explorer to visit the area was Charles Sturt, who discovered the Cooper in 1846 while vainly searching for an inland sea. It was also the final destination of the ill-fated Burke and Wills expedition. In 1860 all but one of Burke and Wills' party perished near the creek. John King survived owing to the outback skills of the Aboriginal people who found him. Innamincka was once a customs depot and service centre for surrounding pastoral properties, but now mainly services travellers, many of whom come from the south via the intrepid Strzelecki Track (for four-wheel-drive vehicles only).

Visitor Information

Inland Mission; (08) 8675 9909.

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In Town

Australian Inland Mission Built in 1928 to service the medical needs of remote pastoral properties, this mission was attended by a rotating staff of 2 nurses on horseback. Injured workers, flood victims and even fallen jockeys from the races called on their expertise. The mission was abandoned in the early 1950s when the Royal Flying Doctor Service began providing services. The restored classic outback building now houses the national park's headquarters as well as a tribute museum to the nurses who faced the trials of this isolated region.

Boat hire and tours: fishing and cruising trips; contact hotel for details on (08) 8675 9901.


Innamincka Regional Reserve This isolated but spectacular reserve is popular with 4WD enthusiasts and nature lovers. It covers 13 800sq km and comprises important wetland areas, the most impressive being Coongie Lakes (112 km NW). This internationally significant wetland area is a haven for wildlife, particularly waterbirds. Closer to Innamincka is Cullyamurra Waterhole, on Cooper Creek (16 km NE), for bush camping and fishing. Aboriginal rock carvings and the Cullyamurra Choke are accessible by foot at the eastern end of the waterhole. 4WD is essential in parts of the park; after heavy rains roads become impassable. A Desert Parks Pass is required; visit the Inland Mission in Innamincka or phone 1800 816 078.

Memorial plaques: to Charles Sturt and Burke and Wills; 2 km N.

Burke and Wills Dig Tree: famous Dig Tree where supplies were buried for their expedition; 71 km across border in Qld.

Strzelecki Regional Reserve: sand-dune desert country with birdwatching and camping at Montecollina Bore; 167 km SW.

Travellers note: Motorists intending to travel along the Strzelecki Track should ring the Northern Roads Condition Hotline on 1300 361 033 to check conditions before departure. There are no supplies or petrol between Lyndhurst and Innamincka.

Campsites around town

Innamincka Town Common camping area 2 km

Basic camping in the heart of town is offered close to the pub and store, run by the local progress association. Hotel-style accommodation is also available. Coin-operated hot showers are opposite the store.... Find out more

Policemans Waterhole camping area 4 km

Just 2 km south-west of Innamincka along Fifteen Mile Track, this camping area requires a permit and allows powerboats with motors up to 10 hp (speeds under 10 knots).... Find out more

Ski Beach camping area 6 km

Located 4 km south-west of Innamincka, with signposted access from Fifteen Mile Track, this camping area permits powerboats with motors up to 10 hp (speeds under 10 knots); a permit is required to camp here.... Find out more

Kings Site camping area 8 km

Basic camping (permit required) is offered at the site where John King, the sole survivor of the Burke and Wills expedition, was found. It’s 5 km south-west of Innamincka, off the Fifteen Mile Track. Powerboats... Find out more

Minkie Waterhole camping area 11 km

This expansive waterhole, 9 km south-west of Innamincka, is a more secluded alternative to the ever-popular Cullyamurra sites; a permit is required. Birdlife is abundant and a quiet camp under the mature river red gums... Find out more

Cullyamurra Waterhole camping area 11 km

To reach one of Australia’s grandest waterholes, with spectacular red gums and abundant birdlife, take the signposted turn-off 7 km east of Innamincka on the Innamincka–Nappamerrie Rd. It’s another 7 km... Find out more

Dig Tree camping area 36 km

Hugely popular with tourists passing through, this historic site is where explorers Burke and Wills were expecting to meet the remainder of their 1861 expedition party; however, all they found was a blazed tree and a... Find out more

Scrubby Camp camping area 37 km

Peaceful sites beside the north-west branch of Cooper Creek on its run to Coongie Lakes are found along Coongie Track, 45 km north-west of Innamincka. Access is 4WD only and a permit is required.... Find out more

What's on around town

Picnic Race Meeting: Aug.

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