Muloorina Homestead camping area

Camper trailer Camping fee No dogs/pets No rubbish disposal Toilets Vehicle-based camping

This bore-fed billabong on the Frome River, 51 km north of Marree, is a handy staging point for 4WD visits to Lake Eyre and Lake Eyre South. Signposted access is provided along the Muloorina Station road from Marree. It’s privately owned, and you will need to come with your own water. Gas stoves only.


Who to contact: Desert Parks Hotline (08) 8648 5328

This campsite is located in Lake Eyre National Park

Covering 8000 sq km, this colossal expanse – the world’s largest salt pan – has only filled with water a handful of times in the past 150 years. Its blazing white crust is a sublime, dazzling spectacle and in flood years the surrounding dunes and shorelines come alive with waterbirds, raptors and reptiles. It has recently been returned to the area’s traditional owners, the Arabuna people, after a long court battle. Access to the lake’s edge is restricted to 4WD vehicles via signposted roads from the gateway towns of Marree and William Creek. Conventional vehicles can reach the camping sites at Muloorina Station. No boating is allowed on the lake.

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