Population 217

Robert Blinman had the foresight to build an inn, called the Roundwood Hotel, at the base of Horrocks Pass in 1861, and soon the Cobb & Co coaches were stopping there on their passenger routes. The town was built around the first hotel, and before long the farming community was thriving. Originally named Beautiful Valley by European explorers, the name was changed to Wilmington in 1876, although the original name still persists in many local establishments. Today the town retains much of its old-time feel and is renowned for its stone buildings.

Visitor Information

Wilmington General Store, Main North Rd; (08) 8667 5155.

Nearby national parks

  • Mount Remarkable National Park

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  • Lake Torrens National Park

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In Town

Wilmington Hotel: built around 1876, the hotel is one of the town's oldest buildings and was first called The Globe Hotel. Original Cobb & Co coach stables are at the rear of the building; Main North Rd.

Mt Maria Walking Trail: 2 km walking trail starting from town leads to vantage point over Wilmington; brochure available from general store.


Spring Creek Mine Drive: 24 km scenic loop beginning south of town, passing mountain and farm scenery and an old copper mine, now the town's water supply; brochure from general store.

Horrocks Pass and Hancocks Lookout: this historic pass was named after explorer John Horrocks who traversed the pass in 1846. Hancocks Lookout, at the highest point of the pass, offers magnificent views to Spencer Gulf; 8 km W off road to Port Augusta.

Mt Remarkable National Park: 13 km S; see Melrose.

Winninowie Conservation Park: coastal park of creeks and samphire flats, home to abundant birdlife; 26 km SW.

Hammond: historic ghost town; 26 km NE.

Bruce: historic railway town featuring 1880s architecture; 35 km N.

Carrieton: historic buildings and Yanyarrie Whim Well in town. A rodeo is held here each Dec; 56 km NE. See Aboriginal carvings a further 9 km along Belton Rd.

Wilpena see inset box on previous page

Fishing spots near town

Fitzgerald Bay 43 km

Snapper fishing has a language all of its own. In Queensland and NSW, anglers talk about small snapper as ‘squire’. In Victoria, small snapper are ‘pinkies’; in SA, they are known as... Find out more

Point Lowly 49 km

The Point Lowly lighthouse marks the southern extremity of Fitzgerald Bay. Near the lighthouse is a small community of shacks. These lighthouse cottages are cared for by the Uniting Church, and are available for hire. It... Find out more

Whyalla 64 km

Whyalla is snapper central for anglers. Every Easter the Australian Snapper Championships are based here and the top ten snapper weighed in are always over 10 kg. As you would expect with a destination where fishing is... Find out more

Eco-friendly activities around town

Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden 35 km

Located at Port Augusta West (at the head of Spencer Gulf) and spread over 200 hectares, this centre showcases the Australian arid landscapes and their vegetation. There are 12 kilometres of walking tracks, guided tours... Find out more

Diving with cuttlefish, off Whyalla 66 km

Every year between May and September, thousands of Australian giant cuttlefish converge on the rocky coastline between Fitzgerald Bay and False Bay at Whyalla (on the Eyre Peninsula’s north-east coast) to breed and... Find out more

Campsites around town

Stony Creek Camp (bush camping) 7 km

The park’s northernmost campground, this walk-in site is off the Stony Creek Track, 8 km north of the Alligator Gorge carpark. It is on the Heysen Trail. Only gas/fuel stoves are allowed and you need a permit from... Find out more

Eaglehawk Dam camping area (bush camping) 10 km

This walk-in bush camp is on the Ring Route Track, 4 km north-west of the Alligator Gorge carpark. A permit is required from the self-registration station, and you need to use a gas/fuel stove.... Find out more

Longhill Camp (bush camping) 12 km

Just 1 km south-west of Alligator, this walk-in camp (gas/fuel stove only) is at the start of the Ring Route Track. A permit is required from the self-registration station.... Find out more

Fricks Dam camping area (bush camping) 13 km

This elevated walk-in site is close to The Battery, with valley views. On Fricks Track, it is 10 km north of Mambray Creek. A permit is required from the self-registration station and you need to bring a gas/fuel stove.... Find out more

Kingfisher Flat camping area (bush camping) 15 km

Delightful woodland walk-in camping is offered close to Alligator Creek. The facilities and ease of access make this a popular base for day walks to surrounding highlights. Situated 4 km south of the Alligator Gorge... Find out more

Goat Rock camping area (bush camping) 15 km

A walk-in bush site (gas/fuel stove only), close to the junction of Woolfords and Racecourse tracks, this camping area requires a permit from the self-registration station.... Find out more

Stringers camping area (bush camping) 16 km

This walk-in camp is high on The Battery in the west of the park, 2 km north of the Hidden Gorge Hike. This site is gas/fuel stove only; pick up a permit from the self-registration station. Bring drinking water.... Find out more

Hidden Camp (bush camping) 17 km

This sheltered walk-in site is close to the dramatic ravine of Hidden Gorge, 8 km on foot north of Mambray Creek. The site is gas/fuel stove only, and a permit is required from the self-registration station.... Find out more

The Racecourse camping area (bush camping) 17 km

This walk-in site with a big water tank is near the junction of the Racecourse and Mungola Hut tracks, close to the modern Grays Hut camping area. It is also on the Heysen Trail. A permit is required from the... Find out more

Summit Camp (bush camping) 18 km

In an atmospheric bush setting on the high crest of Mt Remarkable, bush camping is permitted 6 km north-west of Melrose on the Mt Remarkable Summit Hike, also part of the Heysen Trail. The site is gas/fuel stove only and... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Shoreline Caravan Park 37 km

This park has good facilities in a quiet, off-the-highway location. It has sea frontage and views of the Flinders Ranges. Bookings are required in peak periods.... Find out more

Port Augusta Big4 Holiday Park 37 km

With very good facilities, this park is strategically based at the junction of the Eyre, Princes and Stuart highways. It can get quite busy here, even in the low season. The park is about 1.5 km from the town centre.... Find out more

Port Pirie Beach Caravan Park 59 km

This beachfront caravan park is just 1.5 km from the town centre and offers a range of facilities to suit most travellers. Nicely angled drive-through sites, clean amenities and friendly staff make this our pick of the... Find out more

Nuttbush Retreat Caravan Park 63 km

This park adjoins the huge Pandurra sheep and cattle station, 40 km south-west of Port Augusta on the Eyre Highway. The park has very good facilities, including a licensed bar and restaurant.... Find out more

Discovery Holiday Parks – Whyalla Foreshore 65 km

This large park close to town has most amenities for tourists. Bookings are required at Easter.... Find out more

Crystal Brook Caravan Park 78 km

This is a small, neat council-owned park just on the edge of town. It is a very pretty park with large red gums, a creek alongside, and lawn sites. We find it good value.... Find out more

Peterborough Caravan Park 78 km

This is a tidy park located off the main road in a quiet part of town, adjacent to the town’s swimming pool. The park has modern amenities and is conveniently positioned for an overnight stop between Broken Hill... Find out more

Hotels, motels & B&Bs around town

Alligator Lodge

An environmental haven nestled among the blue gums in the northern corner of Mount Remarkable National Park, just 10 kilometres south of Wilmington, this secluded 1950s house sleeps eight in modest comfort. Formerly the... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Wilmington park area

At Wilmington

Just off the highway. On the south side of town.

Hancocks Lookout rest area 9 km

T/O 18km SE of Princes Hwy (R) or 4km W of Wilmington (L)

At the lookout 7km (unsealed) south of the highway.

Willochra Creek rest area 20 km

17km S of Wilmington (R) or 3km N of Melrose (L)

Just off the highway among trees.

Mambray Creek camping area 22 km

T/O 48km S of Port Augusta (L) or 47km N of Warnertown (R)

At the base of some ranges 5km east of the highway in Mt Remarkable National Park.

Mambray Creek rest area 24 km

T/O 48km S of Port Augusta (L) or 47km N of Warnertown (L)

Under trees on both sides of the highway.

Murray Town camping area 34 km

At Murray Town

Large area just off the highway. In the middle of town. Good facilities. Limited shade.

Port Germein South rest area 44 km

72km S of Port Augusta (L)

Secluded behind trees. For southbound only.

Fitzgerald Bay camping area 44 km

T/O 36km S of Eyre Hwy (L) or 11km N of Whyalla (R)

On the foreshore 24km (partly unsealed) east of the highway via Port Bonython and Point Douglas rds.

Ippinitchie camping area 48 km

T/O at Wirrabara

In the forest 8km (partly unsealed) west of Wirrabara in Wirrabara Forest Reserve.

Point Lowly camping area 48 km

T/O 36km S of Eyre Hwy (L) or 11km N of Whyalla (R)

Near the foreshore 23km east of the highway via Port Bonython Rd.

Information Bay rest area 49 km

130km NE of Kimba (R) or 26km SW of Port Augusta (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Tank Hill Rest Area 54 km

126 km NE of Kimba (R) or 30 km SW of Port Augusta (L)

Large secluded area just off the highway in the scrub. Limited shade.

Mount Whyalla rest area 56 km

11km S of Eyre Hwy (L) or 36km N of Whyalla (R)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Laura park area 62 km

At Laura

Under shady trees opposite a caravan park.

Warnertown rest area 65 km

At Warnertown

Just off the highway. On the south side of town. For northbound only.

Tent Hill rest area 69 km

36km N of Port Augusta (R) or 137km S of Pimba (L)

Just off the highway and surrounded by scrub.

Gladstone park area 73 km

At Gladstone

Adjacent to the highway and next to a caravan park.

Georgetown park area 84 km

At Georgetown

Just off the highway. In the middle of town.

Knobbies camping area 89 km

At Iron Knob

Among a few small trees on the edge of town. Donation requested.

Oodla Wirra South rest area 93 km

3km S of Oodla Wirra (R) or 31km N of Terowie (L)

Just off the highway among trees. 

What's on around town

Night Rodeo: Jan.

Show: Sept.

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