Kelly Hill Caves and Conservation Park

The Kelly Hill Caves are dry limestone caves with a stunning array of stalactites, stalagmites, straws,  and the more unusual helictites – incredible formations that hook and twist in defiance of gravity. It’s not often that kids get to go adventure caving. At Kelly Hill, children who are 8 years and over are  given the opportunity to don hard hats, equipped with lights, and crawl down rocky tunnels into a  subterranean cave system. The 40-minute Show Cave Tour is a pre-requisite for the adventure caving  option and is an impressive experience in itself.

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South Coast Rd, Karatta; (08) 8559 7231

Entry by tour only; check times

Don't Miss

■ The above-ground interpretive walking trails. Try to spot native wildlife, including echidnas, but  watch out for holes. If some members of the family are not keen  to go underground, this is a great alternative.

Fabulous Facts

The Kelly Caves are named after a horse. In 1880 a stockman was riding through the hills on a horse  called Kelly and suddenly they found themselves dropping down a big hole. The stockman managed  to climb out and ran off to get help for his horse. When he returned, Kelly had disappeared. Some  people think the stockman was looking in the wrong hole, while others claim the horse wandered off  into the underground maze. Did Kelly die in the caves, or find a way out at the other end? We will never know, unless someone finds the horse’s bones…

Insider Tips

■ Wear sturdy, closed footwear and layered clothes as the temperature inside the caves may be  different from outdoors.

■ Adventure Caving takes place once a day, in the afternoon; bookings are essential and the minimum  age is 8 years.
■ The park has barbecues, picnic areas, shelters and toilets.
■ It is possible to purchase a Kangaroo Island Parks Pass. This is worthwhile if you plan to visit all of  the following: Cape Borda Lightstation, Cape Willoughby Lightstation, Flinders Chase National Park, Kelly Hill Caves and Seal Bay.

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