Naracoorte, Tantanoola and Mount Gambier Caves

Naracoorte Caves National Park has been declared a World Heritage area for its impressive fossil record that includes such spectacular creatures as diprotodon, the socalled giant wombat, and marsupial lions. The park is now home to creatures such as the threatened southern bent-winged bat, and in spring you can watch – via infra-red camera – these small bats raise their young in one of the 26 caves. Daily tours include a 30-minute wander through Alexandra Cave, and the Victoria Fossil Cave. There are also adventure caving options, and a three-hour, behind-thescenes World Heritage Tour for those with a particular interest in the fossils.

For more underground wonders, check out the beautiful features in Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park. Wheelchair and pram accessible, the pretty cave is seen on a selfguided tour, after a short introductory talk.

In Mount Gambier, you can take a short cave tour under the city streets to a small pool that is the launching point for cave divers who explore the underground aquifer. You may even spy some cave divers suiting up.

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