Dingley Dell Cottage

Poet Adam Lindsay Gordon named his home Dingley Dell Cottage after a manor farm in Charles  Dickens' Pickwick Papers. Born in England, Adam Lindsay Gordon was sent to the Australian colonies in disgrace by his parents. He continued to live a dare-devil life. On the Blue Lake walk, a monument marks the place where he leapt over a fence on horseback, and landed on a narrow ledge above a 70-metre sheer drop. You can see some of his personal effects in the cottage, and go for a  walk or picnic in the beautiful gardens. Adam Lindsay Gordon’s poem From the Wreck was inspired by the shipwreck of the Admella (see Admella Discovery Trail) and the ride by Peter Black to  Mount Gambier to raise the alarm.

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Dingley Dell Conservation Park

Dingley Dell Rd, Port MacDonnell; (08) 8738 2221

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