Population 1927

Barmera lies in the middle of a swooping hairpin bend of the Murray River, close to the Victorian border, but it is hard to tell where the river stops and where the flood plains and tributaries begin in the area to the west of town. The wetlands eventually flow into Lake Bonney, a large body of water to the north of Barmera. Swimming, waterskiing, sailing and fishing are some of the activities popular on the lake. The town was established in 1921 as a settlement for returned World War I soldiers, who were all promised a patch of well-irrigated farmland.

Visitor Information

Barwell Ave; 1300 768 468 or (08) 8588 2289

Nearby national parks

Nearby towns

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In Town

Rocky's Country Music Hall of Fame Dean 'Rocky' Page established Barmera's famous country music festival and was a well-known musician in his own right. Within the centre is an array of country music memorabilia and a display of replica guitars with the handprints of the legends who used them. The pià ce de résistance is Slim Dusty's hat. Open Wed–Fri; Barwell Ave; (08) 8588 1463.

Donald Campbell Obelisk: commemorates an attempt in 1964 to break the world water-speed record, but 347.5 km/h was not quite enough to make the books; Queen Elizabeth Dr.


Winery: cosy atmosphere with award-winning reds and light pastries; Sturt Hwy; (08) 8588 2279.


Banrock Station Wine & Wetland Centre Fruity wines mix with a cacophony of birds and frogs at Banrock Station. In these new times of sensitive agriculture, Banrock is working with environmental organisations to breathe life back into a pocket of wetland that was ruined by irrigation (almost 70% of all Murray wetlands have been affected). The natural cycles of flooding and drying have seen the return of black swans, native fish and ibis, and a boardwalk gives visitors a close-up look. Kingston-on-Murray; (08) 8583 0299; 10 km W.

Overland Corner This was the first settlement in the area, a convenient stop en route for drovers and people travelling to the goldfields. By 1855 a police post had been established to deal with the odd bushranger and quell the problems flaring between drovers and the indigenous inhabitants. In 1859 the Overland Corner Hotel opened its doors. Its thick limestone walls and red gum floors have seen many floods. An 8 km walking track into the adjacent Herons Bend Reserve leaves from the hotel. 19 km NW.

Cobdogla Irrigation and Steam Museum: has the world's only working Humphrey Pump, used in the early days of irrigation. Also local memorabilia and steam-train rides; open Sun long weekends; 5 km W.

Highway Fern Haven: garden centre featuring an indoor rainforest; 5 km E.

Napper's Old Accommodation House: ruins of a hotel built in 1850 on the shores of the lake; turn east over Napper Bridge; 10 km NW.

Loch Luna Game Reserve: linking Lake Bonney and the Murray, these wetlands form an important refuge for waterbirds and one of the few inland nesting sites for sea eagles. Chambers Creek, which loops around the reserve, is popular for canoeing; turn west over Napper Bridge; 16 km NW.

Moorook Game Reserve: these wetlands surround Wachtels Lagoon; 16 km SW.

Loveday Internment Camps: guided tour or self-guide drive to the camps where Japanese, Italian and German POWs were held during WW II; details from visitor centre.

Eco-friendly activities around town

Banrock Station, Kingston-on-Murray 12 km

A world leader in sustainable wine-making and tourism, Banrock Station Wine and Wetland Centre should be high on any ecotourist’s South Australian wish list. Sample the inexpensive wines at the centre, which is 40... Find out more

Cafes & restaurants around town

Banrock Station Wine & Wetland Centre

The wine label synonymous with Riverland conservation has its very own Wine and Wetlands Centre, an award-winning destination with nature trails, boardwalks and guided experiences in this significant waterbird and... Find out more

The Overland Corner Hotel

There’s a palpable sense of pioneering history in this marvellous stone pub dating from 1859. Built to provide hospitality on the old stage coach route between New South Wales and the new colony of South Australia,... Find out more

Campsites around town

Chambers Creek camping area 8 km

Several sites for self-sufficient camping (permit required) are dotted along Chambers Creek, reached from Nappers Bridge on Morgan Rd, 11 km north-west of Barmera.... Find out more

Cooba camping area 8 km

Located 17 km south-west of Barmera, this area for self-sufficient campers is signposted off Moorook–Loxton Rd (a permit is required).... Find out more

Eckerts Creek Section camping area 13 km

Sites for self-sufficient campers are scattered along Eckerts Creek, 12 km south-west of Berri off Lower Winkie Rd, reached from the Sturt Hwy. A permit is required from the self-registration station at the park... Find out more

Katarapko Extension Section camping area 14 km

There are 9 riverside campsites found here, 5 km south-west of Berri off Draper Rd. Pick up a permit from the self-registration station at the park entrance. This is self-sufficient camping, so bring wood and water.... Find out more

Martin Bend camping area 16 km

Located around 3 km east of Berri, this camping area is signposted off Martin Bend Rd from Riverview Dr, in the Renmark-to-Morgan stretch of the Murray River.... Find out more

Murray River camping area (bush camping) 17 km

Self-sufficient bush camping is permitted beside the river in the Lyrup Flats section, off the Sturt Hwy, 12 km south-west of Renmark (a permit is required). The bush campsites here are dispersed along the river bank and... Find out more

Tea Tree camping area 18 km

At Lyrup, near the ferry, off the Sturt Hwy 12 km south-west of Renmark, are a number of campsites for self-sufficient campers along the Murray River. This site is good for boating. A permit is required.... Find out more

Katarapko Section camping area 18 km

There is an array of sites set along Katarapko Creek, 16 km south-west of Berri off Katarapko Rd. Pick up a permit for self-sufficient camping from the park entrance at the self-registration station.... Find out more

Colligans camping area 19 km

Signposted off the Sturt Hwy, 12 km south-west of Renmark, numerous campsites for self-sufficient campers are scattered along the Murray River.... Find out more

Moorook Reserve camping area 24 km

Riverfront camping is provided 7 km south of the Sturt Hwy on Moorook–Loxton Rd, in the Renmark-to-Morgan stretch of the Murray River.... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Discovery Holiday Parks – Lake Bonney 1 km

On the shores of Lake Bonney, this popular park is a great holiday base or ideal for an overnight stop. The park is about 1.5 km from the town centre, has a range of accommodation, good amenities and shade. Waterfront... Find out more

Cobdogla Station Caravan Park 6 km

This is a good quality waterfront park in the heart of the Riverland, with expanses of lawn and shady trees. It is easily accessed from the highway and has appeal for those looking for a quiet holiday on the river.... Find out more

Kingston-on-Murray Caravan Park 11 km

This is a quiet, waterfront, owner-operated park just off the highway and ideal for a few restful days on the riverbank. The park has good basic facilities and is an enjoyable base for exploring the local area, including... Find out more

Berri Riverside Caravan Park 14 km

This is a large and very good park about 1 km from town and just across the road from the Murray River. It has extensive facilities including a state-of-the-art camp kitchen. We stay here when passing through Berri.... Find out more

Loxton Riverfront Caravan Park 23 km

This is a neat, tidy and spacious park with good amenities and large shady trees along the banks of the river. Several sites are above the high flood level; many of the flood levels of past years are recorded on a tree... Find out more

BIG4 Renmark Riverfront Holiday Park 29 km

This park makes a perfect holiday destination and we have stayed here many times. It is an ideal base from which to explore the area. Set on the banks of the Murray River about 2 km from the town centre, it has shaded... Find out more

Riverbend Caravan Park 30 km

Large, shady river red gums, green grass and absolute river frontage are the main attractions of this park. It is a great location 3 km east of the town centre. The entrance is at the extreme western edge of the bridge... Find out more

Waikerie Caravan Park 45 km

A large council park close to the river on the edge of town, this is in a pretty setting, easily located, with good amenities and a range of facilities. Bookings are required in peak periods and a minimum-length stay... Find out more

BIG4 Blanchetown Riverside Holiday Park 79 km

This well-maintained park is in a picturesque spot on the banks of the Murray River, just below the Blanchetown lock. It is a smaller, good quality park with a range of accommodation, about 500 metres from the town... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Barmera park area 1 km

At Barmera

Overlooking Lake Bonney.

Lake Bonney camping area 3 km

T/O at Barmera

Among trees on the shores of the lake in Lake Bonney Reserve. Just north of Barmera township via Queen Elizabeth Dr.

Kaiser Strip camping area 7 km

T/O at Cobdogla

Several small camping sites just off the highway among trees on riverbanks in Loch Luna Game Reserve.

Cooba camping area 9 km

T/O to Moorook

Large campground located 5km (partly unsealed) south-east of the highway on a riverbank in Moorook Game Reserve.

Moorook camping area 9 km

At Moorook

Overlooking a river in the middle of town.

Katarapko Section camping area 13 km

T/O to Berri

Numerous sites on the riverbanks in Murray River National Park. Located 5km west of Berri via Old Sturt Hwy then 10km south via Winkie Rd. 

Martin Bend camping area 16 km

T/O to Berri

Located 3km east of Berri via Riverview Dr among numerous large trees on the banks of the Murray River.

Banrock rest area 18 km

28km E of Waikerie (R) or 20km W of Barmera (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Coligans camping area 18 km

T/O 10km NE of Monash (R) or 12km SW of Renmark (L)

Large area among trees on a riverbank in Murray River National Park. Located 2.3km (partly unsealed) south-east of the highway.

Black Box camping area 19 km

T/O 10km NE of Monash (R) or 12km SW of Renmark (L)

Large area among trees on a riverbank in Murray River National Park. Located 3.3km (partly unsealed) south-east of the highway.

Bredls rest area 23 km

14km NE of Berri (L) or 6km SW of Renmark (R)

Small area adjacent to the highway.

Ariverrun rest area 25 km

58km E of Morgan (L) or 32km W of Sturt Hwy (R)

Just off the highway under a few trees.

Plushs Bend camping area 27 km

T/O 19km NE of Monash (R) or 3km SW of Renmark (L)

Among trees on a riverbank 4km (partly unsealed) south-east of the highway via 23rd St.

Paringa rest area 30 km

At Paringa

On the banks of a river near the bridge at Bert Dix Park. Overnight parking for self-contained vehicles only.

Victorian Border rest area 41 km

18km E of Paringa (L) or 1km W of Victorian border (L)

Well off the highway among a few trees. On both sides of the highway.

Waikerie Lookout park area 42 km

2km E of Waikerie (L) or 46km W of Barmera (R)

Just off the highway with good views over a river.

Holder Bend camping area 42 km

T/O 3km E of Waikerie (L) or 45km W of Barmera (R)

On the banks of a river 2km north of the highway via Holder Top and Holder Bottom rds.

Rosies rest area 57 km

25km E of Morgan (L) or 65km W of Sturt Hwy (R)

Surrounded by scrub just off the highway.

Angus rest area 57 km

24km E of Morgan (R) or 64km W of Sturt Hwy (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Annadale rest area 96 km

29km E of Truro (L) or 17km W of Blanchetown (R)

Just off the highway among trees. 

What's on around town

5RM Barmera Main Street Market: 1st Sun each month Sept–Dec.

Lake Bonney Yachting Regatta: Easter.

South Australian Country Music Festival: June.

Riverland Field Days: Sept.

Barmera Bonnie Sheepdog Trials: Oct.

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