Coorong National Park

With 240 bird species and 145 kilometres of lagoons, Coorong National Park remains one of the best birdwatching sites in the country, despite its degradation in recent years. Some of the recommended spots are at Pelican Point, Parnka Point, Salt Creek, the Murray mouth and the Goolwa barrage. A large pair of binoculars has been installed on the 1.2-kilometre Jack Point Pelican Observatory Walk, overlooking bird-breeding colonies.

There are plenty of camping areas, including Parnka Point, 42 Mile Crossing, and the pink gum forest near Salt Creek. Most stops have some short walks, or you can tackle the Nukan Kungun hike, 27 kilometres each way from Salt Creek to the beach at 42 Mile Crossing.

However, to really see this park, you will need to get out on the water. Spirit of the Coorong Cruises runs a four-and-a-half-hour and a six-hour cruise from its base at Goolwa, in a low-emission boat that was designed to produce only a small wake. The cruise stops for a guided walk and a visit to an Aboriginal site.

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