Ocean Beach camping areas (bush camping)

4WD Camping fee No dogs/pets No rubbish disposal Vehicle-based camping Fishing

Bush camping sites are available at different points along the ocean beach. Only designated sites can be used, and vehicles and tents must be kept within marked areas. Beach access by 4WD only is via 28 Mile Crossing, Wreck Crossing, 32 Mile Crossing, 42 Mile Crossing and Tea Tree Crossing. Use caution. Camping permits are available from self-registration stations within the park. Note: in order to protect nesting hooded plovers, the beach is closed to all traffic north of Tea Tree Crossing from 24 Oct to 24 Dec.


Who to contact: Parks SA Coorong (08) 8575 1200 

This campsite is located in Coorong National Park

A narrow strip of coastal dunes, the Younghusband Peninsula extends for more than 100 km. It encloses an equally slender series of saline lagoons, a wetland habitat visited by more than 230 bird species. The homelands of the Ngarrindjeri people, this is a landscape of subtle natural wonders, and accordingly is an area of international ecological and historical significance. The beaches are accessible by 4WD, and are much-loved fishing and camping haunts. There are plenty of peaceful camping and walking destinations dotted along the park’s mainland fringes. Exploring the lagoons by small boat or canoe is the ideal way to enjoy this region and the extraordinary sandscapes of the peninsula.

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