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A cluster of bright white grain silos sit atop the red clay cliffs at Ardrossan, an industrial town on Yorke Peninsula. The town has two jetties – one for the export of grain, salt and dolomite, and the other for the benefit of local anglers. Ardrossan is well known for its blue swimmer crabs that are found under the jetty or in the shallows at low tide. The best season for crabbing is between September and April.

Visitor Information

Ardrossan Bakery, 39 First St, (08) 8837 3015; or Harvest Corner Visitor Information Centre, 29 Main St, Minlaton, (08) 8853 2600 or 1800 202 445

Nearby national parks

Nearby towns

  • Maitland

    Maitland represents a much smaller version of the city of Adelaide, with the town layout in the same pattern of radiating squares. It is in...more

  • Port Victoria SA

    A tiny township on the west coast of Yorke Peninsula, Port Victoria was tipped to be a thriving port town after James Hughes travelled up...more

  • Minlaton

    This small rural centre on Yorke Peninsula was originally called Gum Flat, because of the giant eucalypts in the area, but was later changed...more

In Town

Stump Jump Plough A lonely stump-jump plough stands in the cliff-top park opposite East Tce. Mallee scrub once covered much of this area and caused endless grief to early farmers because it was so difficult to clear. The invention of the stump-jump plough made it possible to jump over stumps left in the ground and plough on ahead. The plough's design was perfected in Ardrossan. The original factory, on Fifth St, now houses a historical museum. Open 2.30–4.30pm Sun.


Zanoni wreck South Australia's most complete shipwreck is 15 km south-east of Ardrossan off Rogues Point. The wreck was lost for over 100 years, but was eventually rediscovered by some local fishermen. It lies virtually in one piece on the seabed. Some artefacts from the ship can be found at the Ardrossan historical museum, but divers wanting to see the wreck in situ need a permit from Heritage South Australia. (08) 8204 9245.

Walking trail: 3 km track along cliff-tops to Tiddy Widdy Beach; begins at the boat ramp in town.

BHP Lookout: view of Gulf St Vincent and dolomite mines; 2 km S.

Clinton Conservation Park: mangrove swamps and tidal flats with an array of birdlife; begins after Port Clinton, 25 km N, and stretches around the head of Gulf St Vincent.

Fishing spots near town

Ardrossan 1 km

Located on the east side of the Yorke Peninsula, Ardrossan is bountiful water just 150 km west of Adelaide, so is a popular weekend fishing destination. Looking out on the long pier at Ardrossan, it’s striking how... Find out more

Wallaroo 62 km

The small SA seaport of Wallaroo, north of Moonta, offers an excellent base for anglers wanting to catch big snapper, King George whiting, Australian salmon and yellowtail kingfish. Many of the reef systems are close to... Find out more

Campsites around town

Black Point camping area 21 km

Black Point’s sweep of north-facing beach is hugely popular at peak holiday periods. This small open area is right next to the boat ramp and main road at the western end of the housing strip; powered sites are... Find out more

Maitland Overnight Camping Bay 23 km

This small overnight caravan stop in the centrally located town of Maitland is just opposite the hospital at the northern end of Robert St.... Find out more

Port Julia Oval camping area 27 km

Basic community-supported camping is possible in the small coastal town of Port Julia, on the north-east coast. It’s a popular fishing and seasonal crabbing spot, 17 km north of Port Vincent off the coast road.... Find out more

Port Parham camping area 31 km

Famed for its shallow waters and great crabbing beach, this small coastal settlement is a much-loved spot for family outings and boating. The camping is on a council reserve on the northern edge of town, with access 1 km... Find out more

Port Arthur Roadside Rest Area 33 km

A shady, no-frills stop for weary travellers at the head of Gulf St Vincent, the rest area is close to mangrove flats where you might see wading birds at low tide. It’s just off the Port Wakefield–Yorketown... Find out more

Tiparra Rocks camping area 41 km

This is the first of 3 coastal-reserve camping areas, 4 km north of the seaside settlement of Balgowan. A crust of vivid red cliffs marks the edge of the peninsula south of this site. You’ll find lots of solitude... Find out more

Wauraltee Beach camping area 42 km

Go camping beside the wild sprawl of beach south of Port Victoria, a low-key fishing and swimming destination with large areas of coastal reserve to wander. The camping area is on the peninsula’s western flanks, 17... Find out more

The Bamboos camping area 43 km

There’s a varied coastline to discover here - rocky headlands, seagrass shallows, and white sand beaches. The camping is behind the dunes, 12 km north of Balgowan.... Find out more

The Gap camping area 44 km

Several beachfront sites huddle among the dunes here, on the remote north-west coast. The water is easy to access – including for boat launching – and the long, dazzling stretch of beach to the north is... Find out more

Barkers Rocks camping area 51 km

Basic beachside camping is available on the narrow strip of coastal reserve between Port Rickaby and Bluff Beach. Being west-facing, it’s great for sunsets and beachcombing but there’s not much shelter in... Find out more

Hotels, motels & B&Bs around town

Kalinda Shores

Famed for its sheltered environs, Black Point – 15 kilometres south of Ardrossan – offers absolute waterfront living at its best. The beach here feels like a natural extension of the houses that dot its... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Inkerman South rest area 33 km

22km N of Dublin (L)

Just off the highway. For northbound only.

Inkerman North rest area 34 km

12km S of Port Wakefield (L)

Just off the highway. For southbound only.

Dublin park area 40 km

At Dublin

On the service road.

Lake Lochiel rest area 61 km

82km S of Warnertown (L) or 33km N of Port Wakefield (R)

Just off the highway and overlooking the lake.

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