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As any traveller knows, where you decide to stay during your holiday can have a major impact on how you experience your destination. Bed bugs, hidden costs or rude hotel staff can ruin a trip, so it pays to choose wisely. Luckily, the range of accommodation in Australia is so wide that you should have no difficulty finding somewhere worthy of a dream holiday – at a price that won’t give you nightmares. An idyllic riverside campsite, a B&B set in a vineyard or even a pet-friendly caravan park – research your options and reap the rewards…

Caravan parks

The freedom to enjoy Australia at your own pace.

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Surrounded by nature, star-lit sky above…who doesn’t love camping?

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Eco-friendly places to stay

Bed down with a clean (and green!) conscience.

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Hotels, motels & B&Bs

From unsung budget gems to unbelievable five-star indulgences.

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Rest Areas

Ease your way across Australia by taking advantage of the rest areas that line its highways.

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