Rest areas – Tasmania

Rest areas, Tas, Paul Smedley

Tasmania’s sometimes called the Apple Isle and we can see why, because this state is small and easy to enjoy in bite-size portions. The rest areas that line Tasmania’s highways are often situated in gorgeous locations, so take the opportunity to pick up some food while you’re travelling and make a picnic of it. And once you’ve had something to eat, you can enjoy some of the other amenities these stops offer, from showers to a place to camp for the night.  

Arthur Highway, Sorell-Port Arthur

Bass Highway, Launceston-Marrawah

Lake Highway, Deloraine-Midland Highway

Lyell Highway, Queenstown-Hobart

Midland Highway, Hobart-Launceston

Murchison Highway, Somerset-Queenstown

Tasman Highway, Hobart-Launceston