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From your vantage point in the middle of the penguin rookery, you enjoy an intimate view of the little penguins waddling past en route to their burrows. You’re close enough to see two penguins pause and squabble before disappearing into separate dark doorways among the rocks and bushes. A fluffy round ball of a chick squeaks impatiently outside its home and you all giggle with amused sympathy as it tries to grab a bite to eat from every penguin that passes. At last the real mum and dad arrive, bringing supper in their beaks.

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Depart from Penguin Tour Kiosk, Tasman Hwy, central Bicheno; (03) 6375 1333

Every evening at dusk

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■ The opportunities to see right inside the penguin burrows. There are a few man-made wooden burrows with lids, and the guides can raise the lids for you to peek inside.

■ The night sky – in this area without lights, the view of the stars is spectacular.
■ The chance to ask questions of knowledgeable guides.

Fabulous Facts

Little penguins are the smallest penguins in the world, not much more than 30 centimetres high. Their activities change according to season. At the beginning of the breeding season, you see males dragging grasses into the burrows to build comfortable nests, and calling loudly, advertising for mates. During courtship, penguins may waddle around the burrow in circles. Once eggs are laid, both parents take turns to sit on the nest, and when the chicks hatch the feeding begins.

Insider Tips

■ You are taken by bus, a trip of five minutes, to a private property where the one-hour tour takes place.

■ Departure time varies according to season, from 5.30pm in mid-winter to 9pm in mid-summer.
■ During the tour you walk through the rookery to various observation points overlooking the beach, watch the penguins come in from their day of feeding at sea, and see them return to their burrows – and their chicks.
■ Chicks can be seen at various stages of development between the months of August to December.
■ Over the winter months, there may be as few as five birds appearing.
■ Wear warm clothing and covered footwear – sometimes the penguins bite toes!
■ You are not allowed to take photographs.
■ The tour takes place in the dark with only a very faint glow from the guides’ low emitting torches.
■ The paths you walk on are the penguins’ natural highways, widened slightly.

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