East Coast Natureworld

As soon as you walk into the grounds, the free-ranging kangaroos come hopping towards you. The kids fill their hands with food, thrilled to find the kangaroos’ soft, furry faces eating right out of their palms. Suddenly, there’s a loud honking as two Cape Barren geese race up and start nipping at the kangaroos to chase them away. A moment later, two beaks are prodding at the food too. You all laugh and move on. There is a lot more here to see: the nocturnal house, Tasmanian devils, snakes, ostriches…

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18356 Tasman Hwy, Bicheno; (03) 6375 1311



Don't Miss

■ The big walk-through aviaries, where rainbow lorikeets zoom and dive around your heads; the regent parrot might even land on you.

■ Devil World, where you not only get a close-up view of Tasmanian devils through windows, but kids can have a go at lots of fun, educational exhibits. Look for the displays of real animal droppings and learn how to identify the droppings you see in the bush.
■ Old McDonald’s Farm, where the kids can pat and feed domesticated animals such as a pony, ducks and goats.
■ The big playground, which is out the back, past the emus and ostriches.
■ The coal mine heritage display where you can go inside a replica mine and see a huge display of mining equipment.
■ The nocturnal house.

Fabulous Facts

If you visit the nocturnal house soon after Natureworld opens in the morning, you will see time going backwards twelve hours. The sun sets, and real conditions of the preceding night – temperature, light and sounds – occur again. This technology makes the nocturnal animals wake up and behave naturally and comfortably during daylight hours when they would normally be asleep. You can see animals in Nocturnal World that you rarely get a chance to meet, such as sugar gliders, bettongs, bandicoots, quolls and golden possums.

Insider Tips

■ Natureworld covers a large area so allow several hours.

■ Devils Den Cafe has a budget-priced kids’ menu and a great view out over the grounds and the free-ranging kangaroos and birds.
■ Natureworld serves as an important rescue, breeding and rehabilitation centre and returns a large percentage of animals to the wild.
■ Check the schedule of feeding times and keeper talks. The snake feeding is an unusual sight, but does not take place every day.

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