Diving and snorkelling along Tasmania's east coast

Although diving might not be your first thought when you head south to Tasmania, the temperate waters usually provide much greater visibility than tropical waters, and offer a surprisingly rich and diverse range of flora and fauna. For information on some of the best dive spots on offer, check out the internet (see below) or call in at one of the local dive shops. The pretty seaside town of Bicheno has several great snorkelling and in-shore dives, with huge sponge gardens, seahorses and weedy sea dragons. One of the best snorkelling sites is near the breakwater in Waubs Bay but try to keep an eye out for boats. The Bicheno Dive Centre will provide advice and hire gear. If you want to see the plentiful marine life without getting wet, take an inexpensive, 40-minute cruise in a glass-bottom boat. There is also some lovely swimming and surfing, at places such as Redbill and Waubs Bay beaches.

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