Set discreetly among undisturbed coastal woodland, this opulent 20-suite resort ticks all the boxes for inspirational scenery and five-star lavish luxury. A curvaceous, glass-fronted guest complex houses beautiful artwork, a day spa and an exquisite restaurant. The guest villas are immersed in nature’s beauty and stylishly appointed with a king-sized bed and separate lounge area. The four premium suites also include a private plunge pool. But aside from having your own private villa, the most unique luxury of this retreat is that guests are appointed an individual staff member, who’s ready to tailor a day of scenic walks, fantastic fishing or just pure relaxation according to each guest’s interests. Rates start at $1000 per suite, so you may need to save up in order to stay here. But if the price doesn’t deter, you will find it very difficult to leave by the end of your stay.

Contact information

2352 Coles Bay Rd; 1800 7230 347


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