Tombolo Freycinet

You can’t judge a book by its cover. This tiny rustic cafe in Coles Bay town centre doesn’t look like a fabulous eatery from the outside, but it’s fast becoming a local summer hot spot. Take a table on the deck or perch yourself at the outside bench for the peninsula’s top seafood and best views. As the name suggests, they specialise in oysters, delivered freshly shucked straight from Freycinet’s pristine waters, but there are other unbeatable meals and very good coffee on offer too. Tuck in to perfectly cooked calamari, scallops, prawns and fish coated in bubbly crispy batter, piled so high it’s only the salad and chips that keep the whole lot from toppling off the plate.

Contact information

6 Garnet Ave; (03) 6257 0124; open Fri–Wed for lunch and dinner; closed in winter


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