Bay of Fires and Mount William National Park

North of St Helens is the Bay of Fires, a wilderness coastline with kilometres of white beaches and sand dunes unfolding into turquoise seas. Its dramatic name came from Captain Furneaux, who saw the Aboriginal campfires burning along the shore as he sailed past in 1773. It could equally be a reference to the granite boulders that rim the beaches and are stained with fiery orange lichen. The luminous white colour of the beaches is due to the quartz component in the granite, which has been weathered into grains of sand. Together the rocks and sand are reminiscent of beaches on Flinders Island and Wilsons Promontory. From St Helens, you can drive up the bay as far as The Gardens. Alternatively, there is the glorious Bay of Fires guided walk. North of the bay is Mount William National Park, with equally beautiful beaches, camping, snorkelling and fishing.

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